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Friday, June 6, 2008

D'Bora - E.S.P. (1991)

Here's another by request, the only album by diva D'Bora. Not much is available on D'Bora. Her real name is either Deborah Walker or Lippett, and she was once a DJ known as Baby D, part of what is considered the first all female hip hop group, Mercedes Ladies. She released her first single in 1984, a rap-funk number titled "No Sense". She didn't reappear until 1991, when she released the huge dance hit "Dream About You", this time trading her raps for soulful singing. Produced by Steve 'Silk' Hurley, it had the "Ce Ce" house sound that was huge at the time. Like former postees Malaika, Tene Williams, Jamie Loring and Kym Sims, she worked with Hurley on her debut album, though, like Sims, she released it during Hurley's heyday and thus to greater success. She also had help from other revered house producers like Maurice Joshua and Joe Smooth, and the resulting album is a very smooth mix of house and R&B. Her voice is very smooth as well. Her next single, "Love Desire", also did well on the dance charts, but her third, "E.S.P.", failed to chart. Three years later she appeared on the dance chart again with a couple more house tracks, "Going Round" and "Good Love, Real Love", both produced by Joshua. Though these songs were moderately successful in the UK, nothing more was released until "Honey" in 1999. Nothing of note has been released from D'Bora since, which is but again a shame, as another soulful diva with great promise fades into obscurity. Could Hurley be the curse? (No offense, 'Silk'man. ;)

Video for Dream About You

Download E.S.P.

Dream About You
Keep On Givin' Lovin'
With You
One Love
Love Desire
Good Love
Better Life
Where Can He Be?


  1. She HAS to be the "Baby D" shouted out near the beginning of J.J. Fad's "Supersonic."

  2. Actually, Baby D was also the name of one of the members of JJ Fad, But I wish D'Bora was shouted out in it!

  3. I use to work with her in Mickey dees I remember she was starting to do her music around 80-84 beautiful girl great person

  4. Worked with her in Mickey dees in Fordham rd just before her music dropped great girl

  5. how can I purchase, where can he be?