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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Kristen Vigard - Kristen Vigard (1990)

Okay, so I couldn't stay away for long. LOL I was looking through some boxes and this album was at the top, and was also one of the most requested on my poll. So here is Kristen Vigard's only major label album (so far). Thanks to her recently created website, I can now tell you a bit about her (I looked for info on her about a year ago but there was none). As a child, she traveled the world, eventually ending up back in the US and scoring a Ford modeling contract and several minor roles in TV and on the stage. As a teen she appeared as a regular character in soap operas Guiding Light and One Life To Live. She continued acting after those stints but discovered a passion for music when traveling in Europe. Upon returning to the US, she hooked up with groups that included members of future breakout groups like Fishbone and Red Hot Chili Peppers. She even toured with the Peppers as a back-up singer. This led to her being signed to a label. The album was produced by Carmen Rizzo, who would later go on to produce artists as varied as Tina Turner, Taylor Dayne, Supreme Beings Of Leisure and Delerium. The album has a unique sound, somewhere between pop, funk, folk and blues, obviously influenced by the artists she worked with previously. The album was not a success, and Kristen's only other notable recording was as the singing voice for Ileana Douglas in the film Grace Of My Heart (which is a good film, by the way). She has recently released an EP, however, and you can go to her self-titled website should you want more.

Download Kristen Vigard

Waiting For You
The Announcement
Stone City
12 Bar Blues
Paint My Head
Out In The Woods
Slave To My Emotions
Use Me
Me So Far
My Old Ways
Steel Morning


  1. I don't think this CD succeeds as a whole, but I do love her voice.

  2. WOw, thanks, the album can still be downloaded. I've been searching for this since the first time I found a crappy 64 kbps MP3 of slave to my emotions. Thanks, again!

  3. The link is dead.

    I first came across this album in a library. Been looking for my own copy ever since.