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Friday, June 27, 2008

The Brat Pack - The Brat Pack (1990)

The Brat Pack was a male vocal duo (yes, finally another male act!) consisting of Ray-Ray Frazier and Patrick Donovan. They released a couple singles that were minor dance and pop hits: "You're The Only Woman" managed to reach #36 on the Billboard pop charts; "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up" only squeaked into the Billboard #100. There was really nothing particularly notable about the duo, other than that their producers were none other than Robert Clivilles and David Cole, who would find greater success as C+C Music Factory. The album is what you would expect, pop with subtle touches of latin, funk and house elements. Think a male version of C&C's other protegees, Seduction, but with a lot less sex appeal (and less success). There are even moments of Wham!-ness ("Unconditional Love" being the most obvious 'tribute' - and C+C Music Factory's Freedom Williams even has a cameo on it!). I've never really listened to the album properly before. As a matter of fact, I didn't even know I had it until I found it this morning in one of my boxes! Listening to it now, I'm pleased to say that it is quite a fun pop album, thanks mainly to C&C's excellent production. I think you'll find it a fun summer soundtrack!

Video for I'm Never Gonna Give You Up

Download The Brat Pack

Love Me Forever Or Love Me Not
I'm Never Gonna Give You Up
Every Time The Rain Starts To Fall
Lonely Boy
Time Vs. Love
Unconditional Love
You're The Only Woman
Every Time The Rain Starts To Fall


  1. Ohmylord.I had NO idea that they recorded an album !
    Back in the day,I bought the 12'' single of 'I'm Never Gonna Give You Up' for 99p in the pile of ex chart (or non charting) singles.
    I'm stunned.

    p.s - I love reading the bio on each act that appears on this page,whether I've heard of them or not.
    Fabulous blog.

  2. Thanks! Glad you're enjoying the blog. Keep checking back!

  3. Hey, since this was a C+C production, I'm curious to know if the "Love Me Forever..." track is the same song they produced with Trilogy. It seems like they would have been released around the same time.


  4. Hi NG,

    The song "I'm Never Gonna Give You Up" is the original version of Christopher Wong's Impulse! Thanks for sharing. : )