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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Eve Gallagher - Woman Can Have It (1995)

So, I opened an unpacked box of CDs and several of your requested albums were in there, so stay tuned! The first I'll feature is Eve Gallagher. Eve kicked around the UK music scene for some time and forged a close friendship with Boy George in the process. Knowing real talent when he heard and saw it (after all, she was a six-foot amazon with a deep, soulful voice. Instant diva!), he signed her to his More Protein label. Her first single, "Love Come Down", was also written by George and was released in 1990. It was a house stomper and quickly became a dance hit in the UK. Over the next few years she released four more George-penned house tracks: "Love Is A Master Of Disguise" in 1991 (which briefly appeared in the US dance charts); "Heaven Has To Wait" in 1992; "Change Your Mind" in 1994; and the brilliant "You Can Have It All" in 1995. This last track reintroduced her to the UK charts, and "Love Come Down" was re-recorded and released both in the UK and North America to some success. All of the past singles were collected together with new tracks (also written by George) and her album was finally released. But the album didn't make an impact, perhaps because too many years had passed between her first and last singles. In the UK she was old news, and North America had other, similar divas like Kristine W and Amber to admire. The album is both soulful and high energy and should have been much bigger. Ms. Gallagher has appeared on a few songs since, and fronts the cover band Eve Gallagher And Missing Link. She is also said to be working on a new solo album. Keep your fingers crossed!

Video for You Can Have It All (I prefer the album mix of the song)

Download Woman Can Have It

Heaven Has To Wait
You Can Have It All
Love Come Down '95
Good Enough
Change Your Mind
Master Of Disguise
Love Don't Slip Away
Crimes Of The Heart
Last Night
Amazing Grace


  1. dude! you totally rock my world. i've been trying to get this album for YEARS!!

    your blog rocks.

    you rock.

    excellent. excellent. excellent.


  2. Please reupload Eve Gallagher - Woman Can Have It ... would be most grateful

  3. Can you please re-upload Eve Gallagher - Woman Can Have It? I'd really appreciate it. Thank you so much! I never heard of her music. I'm a huge fan of your site!