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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Peach Union - Audiopeach (1997)

Peach Union began their career as Neuronic and released the euro-pop single "Heaven". The group was comprised of three Brits - singer Lisa Lamb, songwriter Paul Statham and seasoned pop producer Pascal Gabriel. After having years of success producing acts like Bomb The Bass, S'Express, EMF and Jimmy Sommerville, Gabriel formed a group that merged the best aspects of these acts - danceable beats, electronic flourishes and killer hooks. For some reason, after the release of "Heaven", the three decided to rename themselves Peach, and released the much more successful single "On My Own" in the UK. They released a couple more singles, including "From This Moment On" (my fave track), but to lesser success. "On My Own" was released in North America the following year, but under the group name Peach Union, due to the existence of another band in NA already called Peach. The song became a top ten hit in Canada and just squeaked into the Billboard Top 40. The album followed. But strangely no other singles were released in NA and the group disbanded. Lamb continued to record and tour with Hot Lava, her band that made "rock music for kids", while Gabriel and Statham continued to write and produce for the likes of Kylie, Dido and Natalie Imbruglia. The pop sensibilities they applied to those artists are plentiful on this album. Think a much more upbeat St. Etienne - sixties-ish pop with a dance beat. (For more, check out this site.)

Video for On My Own

Video for From This Moment On

Video for Made In Vain

Download Audiopeach

On My Own
From This Moment On
Made In Vain
Perfect World
Sorrow Town
Deep Down Together
Tell Me
Give Me Tomorrow
Higher Ground


  1. I've always thought Peach sounded like a more dance-oriented version of St Etienne. Your review is the proof I was not the only one to think this :) I agree that this is a wonderful album too!

  2. I already own this great album. It is one of my favorites. I always feel like I know something everyone else doesn't when I play it. A pure delight.

  3. I LOVE THIS. Such a perfect album. Can't stop playing it. Thank you for Elisa Fiorillo as well, I used to play that LP quite a lot.. nice to hear it again. I found a brand new 12" of Forgive me for dreaming for about 1€ last year.. that is a brilliant song.

  4. According to Wikipedia Paul Statham and Pascale Gabriel are still recording pop music in London and Lisa Lamb owns a sonic branding agency. I met Lisa years ago and she said back then that she preferred working in the studio to being out on the road or in front of a camera so maybe they're all better off 'behind the scenes'? I wish there was another album though.

  5. Hi. I've been looking for a copy of this for ages (my CD got scratched up). I discovered this group thanks to the movie Sliding Doors (has some really nice stuff on the soundtrack but also a few bombs). Any chance for a reupload? I would really appreciate it if possible, but either way, I hope you have a great Christmas/Holiday season =)

  6. took many years to find this album, have their singles on CD, but it was impossible to find the album in the shops. Classic album, the group should have been bigger.

  7. Is Lisa Lamb on Facebook, Twitter or similar?

  8. Just stumbled across the site - its an enjoyable read! Might you be able to reup this?


  9. Hey there. I actually had this but then my computer died and I lost it (along with other stuff). Any chance you could reup this? I'd be so grateful =)

  10. Billy MacKenzie does some backing vocals on this album. Pascal Gabriel had produced half of Billy's last album "Outernational" back in 1992.

  11. I actually had the album a while ago but the disk died so im wondering if you could re-up this? a gazillion thanks