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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gee Morris - Gee Morris (1994)

Gee Morris' first foray into popular music was in 1988 with the high energy remake of The Isley Brothers "This Old Heart Of Mine", produced by Hi-NRG pioneer Ian Levine. Though not very successful, this garnered her enough attention to get backing vocal gigs with everyone from Stevie Wonder to Pet Shop Boys to Donny Osmond. Thanks to this session work, she was noticed by Brit production trio Jolley/Harris/Jolley, who were in the midst of recording demos for what would become the act Innocence. Gee became the face of the act and they had a great deal of success in the UK in the early 1990's with their electronic soul music. They released two awesome albums, Belief and Build. But Gee wanted to release something using her own name, so she hooked up with producer Steve Vincent, who with his dance act Adventures Of Stevie V had had quite a bit of chart success. For her solo work, Vincent kept the soul vibe people were familiar with from Innocence but added some of the house and R&B elements that made Adventures Of Stevie V a hit. Somehow the formula failed to get noticed, and so did Gee's album. She has not recorded an album since, but according to her Facebook page she has continued working extensively, most recently recording with the man that started it all, Ian Levine. Check out here newest videos HERE.

Download Gee Morris

It's In Your Smile
U Can Dial My Number
I'm Hooked
Behind Closed Doors
You Send Me Right Here
New Luv
Promise Me
Follow Your Heart
I Want You In This
That's What Friends Are For
For U
Real Thing
Turn This Love Around
It's In Your Smile (Nick Nice & StoneBridge Main Mix)


  1. I love Gee Morris!

    Do you have Innocence's debut album, the US edition? It has 12 tracks, as opposed to the 10 tracks on the UK edition.

    It's an amazing album, but I have since misplaced my copy. If you have it, I hope you can rip it at 320. :)

    Great blog, Ms. Nasty.


      I hope I've got to you in time.

      Email me at if it's down by the time you get to it (I already downloaded it :))

  2. Another I bought after hearing it here first.

  3. Been looking for a track I heard once on a pirate radio station while in the UK. The title was Life (Club Mix) by Sam (who I found out on is Sam Edwards). This came out on the Progression Music Label.