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Monday, June 30, 2008

Francesca Beghe - Francesca Beghe (1991)

Here is another case of a good and unique singer who for some reason just didn't click with the public despite good songs and good publicity. Francesca Beghe was kicking around New York City, performing and honing her singing and songwriting skills, when in 1987, Joe Cocker chose to record her song "Trust In Me". This led to a major label deal and her debut album. It was co-produced by one of Joe's producers Charlie Midnight (who has also recently worked with Hilary Duff). The music is therefore pop rock, with a bluesy tint, very much like Taylor Dayne's rockier moments. Francesca's voice is unique and strong, and the songwriting is good. She released "Heaven Knows" as her first single, though it didn't chart, and neither did her second, "Something About Your Touch". She also included her own version of "Trust In Me" on her album. She worked on a follow up with Alanis Morissette and Wilson Phillips producer Glen Ballard, but label turmoils prevented it from being released. Luckily she finally resurfaced a couple years ago with a new independently released album, Dreamworld, which you can buy from CD Baby should you like what you hear here.

Studio footage from the recording of Hold Back The Night

Download Francesca Beghe

Heaven Knows
Something About Your Touch
Trust In Me
Let Me Show You What Love Is
Names On A Wall
Lost In America
Closer To The Night
Should've Been Me
Let Your Spirit Fly
Little Angelina
Hold Back The Night


  1. Hi Nasty G!
    Thanks for uploading this fabulous album. Sadly, I had never heard any song from her in my country...until now!!!
    Francesca Beghe is an extremely talented and overlooked singer, and she has a wonderful voice.
    I adore this CD so much *.*
    Thank you again :)
    Greetings from Chile,

    PS: I'm sorry if I have a bad english :S

  2. I liked this so much I immediately sought out a copy on the net. Thanks for introducing me to this CD.

  3. I'm so glad that you are actually buying them! Nothing is better than having the actual CD. And you're welcome!

  4. Hi Nasty,

    your site is great.

    i want download the Francesca Beghe album, but i get the album Special Look by Debbie Allan.

    Please can you fix the link-error?

    best wishes,

  5. Oops! Sorry about that! I'm at work at the moment, but I will re-upload when I get home. ;)

  6. i have her d. :-)

  7. Any chance for a re-upload?