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Monday, June 30, 2008

Boogie Box High - Outrageous (1989)

Boogie Box High was primarily Andros Georgiou, a producer and singer who just happened to be George Michael's cousin. With George's support and almost his entire production and musical crew, Andros created and released this, the one and only album from Boogie Box High. The first single was a remake of the Bee Gee's disco hit "Jive Talkin'". The vocals on the track are obviously George's, but his label Epic would not allow him to be credited on the track or the other songs he sings on the album ("Gave It All Away" and "Lover"). George was at the height of his solo success, so fans were eating up anything he was offering, including this track. It became a top ten hit in the UK. The rest of the album follows a similar vibe, dance-pop with disco and funk elements. The next single, "Nervous", on which Andros does indeed sing lead vocals, was not a hit, no doubt due to George's absence on it. Boogie Box High soon faded from view. Andros continued to produce and even headed a record company owned by George. A few years ago they apparently had a falling out and Andros was supposedly attempting to sell on eBay some of George's belongings he had grabbed before exiting the record company. Sad indeed.

Video for Gave It All Away

Download Outrageous

Jive Talkin'
Golden Soul
Are You Just Using Me?
Soul Boy
Gave It All Away


  1. I so have one of this dude's 12" singles! I've even played him on my show before!

    I guess the fact that he looked like a cheap cross between Michael Bolton & Fabio didn't matter to dance


  2. Thank you ssoooooooooooo much for this album. Its pwl link made me want to hear it for AGES and it is so expensive & rare on ebay...
    Do you know which tracks were mixed by Dave Ford ? I know of Pete Hammond, Phil Harding & Ian Curnow involvment but wonder for the last PWL Mixmaster.

  3. You're welcome! Unfortunately the liner notes do not specify who worked on each individual track. :(

  4. After reading your review of this album, I was looking incredibly forward to hearing those other George Michael songs that you mentioned.

    However, I must let it be known that the only song he actually sings lead vocals on, is the cover of "Jive Talkin'" that appears on the album..... perhaps the backing vocals on "Nervous" as well.

    Aside from that, it's definitely NOT George Michael on lead vocals. He sings way better than that, lol.

  5. It certainly sounds like him to me. I read somewhere that they used rougher demos so it wouldn't sound exactly like him, and this performance alludes to it...

  6. I am looking forward to listen to this one as well THANK YOU! I also heard that those songs were Wham demos that never made it to LP. Very exciting!

  7. Hi Nasty G,
    This is an amazing blog. Most of the stuff on here is incredibly rare. Is there any possibility of a re-up of this Boogie Box High cd? I never even knew a full album was made. Many thanks in advance and hopefully you can continue with this great blog.

  8. Thanks so much for this :)

  9. Any chance for a reup just found your site. Thanks in advance

  10. Thank you so much! I just found this today. Very happy.

  11. why stop this blog: many of us lose patrners but we are still alive and kicking. I lost a partner who I was together with for 48 years. The best way is to carry on full blast. They would want that.

    1. Did you lose your partner to suicide less than a year ago? Not exactly something you get over quickly, plus all of the complications that have arisen have kept me very busy, and not exactly in a mood to post frivolous shit. . As much as he loved that I did this blog, I think he'd understand that my heart might not be in it at the moment. ;)