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Friday, July 18, 2008

11:30 (Eleven Thirty) - Olé Olé (2000)

Eleven Thirty (often written as the numerical 11:30, it depends on the source) were twins Toni and Trish Sherwood. They were born in Montreal in 1981 on November 30 (thus their moniker). They burst on the Canadian music scene with their first single "Olé Olé", a hot dance-pop song with a Latin flare. I remember riding through the streets of Montreal at night with some friends with this song blasting on the radio. Really, it was much better than one would expect from a low profile Canadian act. The same could be said for the album, which was produced by their father and is really quite good. It contains mostly upbeat latin-pop numbers, with some hip hop moments, and their harmonies are very pleasant. No doubt the success of Shakira, Ricky Martin and J Lo encouraged these girls to go for some Latin flavour. Think a poppier Nina Sky (another future entry perhaps?). They toured across Canada opening for people like Aaron Carter, tempting the teen audience. But the heat around "Olé Olé" didn't carry over to their next single, "Let's Go All Night", though it followed the same upbeat Latin formula. The ladies disappeared from the public eye soon after, which is too bad as I think this album should have gotten them substantial play. And note, this is the second set of Canadian twins featured here, after Tú. Perhaps in the future I should feature another set, Ryan & Dan from the truly horrible pop trio B4-4, who now record El Divo-ish music as RyanDan. But don't hold your breath for that one!

Video for Olé Olé

Download Olé Olé

Olé Olé
Ladies Night Out
Too Many Lovers
I Will Not Cry No More
Let's Go All Night
More Than Money
Jump On It
You're The One
Olé Olé (Les Déebbes Dubliées)
Je Mértie Mieux Que Toi
La Nuit Blanche


  1. I just heard these gals on the French station, 105.1. I didn't catch the name of the song, but heard the name of the band and went "Wait a minute, where have I heard of them before?"

  2. I knew ryandan was b4-4!

    ewwww. they're so gino-fied gross.
    they really dont need more than a mention on your blog :p

    (wasnt their dad also involved in putting out their album?? he was an exec or something with their label.)

  3. I saw this on wikipedia: which was posted in 12/2011 for what appears to be new music promo - I considered emailing their father who's contact info appears at the end of the promo. The new music sounds good.