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Friday, July 18, 2008

Julie Masse - Circle Of One (1994)

Julie Masse was a French Canadian success before releasing her only English language album, already having two platinum French albums in her native Quebec. But with the huge success of fellow Quebecois chanteuse Céline Dion, it was obviously thought that the same English language success could be Julie's. After all, she also had a great voice and, let's face it, she was far more attractive than Céline. For a producer she chose Canadian golden boy Corey Hart, who was far from his "Sunglasses At Night" glory days but was still releasing material of his own. And she hooked up with him not only professionally, but personally as well. She began a torrid affair with Corey, and he dumped his long term girlfriend and she divorced her husband. They would later get married and have four children together. But let's get back to the music. It is pure pop-rock lite, not unlike tracks on Céline's first English album. (I bought the album solely for her cover of Dalbello's "Devious Nature", as Dalbello is one of my fave singers.) The video for her first single "One More Moment" was played quite a bit on Muchmusic. But she failed to get anywhere near the success of Céline, indicating that looks and voice don't always guarantee success. Céline is proof that personality is also a major factor, even if that personality IS a bit wacky. ;) (And interestingly enough, Corey would go on to work with Céline on several of her later albums.) Julie has only released one more album thus far, a French best of in 1996. She now resides in the Bahamas with Corey and her kids.

Video for One More Moment

A live performance of You Don't Have To Worry

A live performance of I Will Be There

Download Circle Of One

Circle Of One
Love Is All I'm Looking For
You Don't Have To Worry
One More Moment
I Will Be There
You Left Your Kiss
Devious Nature
Ice Cream
Wherever The Music Goes
Letting Go


  1. Could it be possible to re-upload this great album?