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Friday, July 18, 2008

Juliette - Unstoppable (2001)

Ah, here we are, back with an album by a one-named diva on whom little info is available. I picked up this CD at a Dollarama and simply had to buy it for the cover alone. I had no doubt that there was some poppy goodness to be had here. It is from Germany, and I believe that Juliette is also German. She had released a few euro-pop singles before this album as the featured singer with the group In-Mood. The songs were somewhat successful German hits, including a remake of the theme song to the animated movie The Last Unicorn. Obviously a woman of her beauty and vocal ability needed to break out as a solo star. So she managed to wrangle the creme de le creme of euro producers, including producers who also worked with Billie Piper, Steps, Dannii Minogue, Atomic Kitten and a couple artists featured here already, Stella Soleil and Innosense. So you know exactly what to expect - straight up euro-pop. Her first single was the title track, and it picked up some steam in Germany. But beyond this album, the only other sign of her was a single called "Imagine". Perhaps if we could find out her last name we'd know what else she has been up to since... hint hint... ;)

Video for Unstoppable

Download Unstoppable

It's My Life
Feel Me Out
You Don't Love Me
Back Into My Life
Crazy 'Bout You
It's Heavenly
Whatever It Takes
Play Pretend
Can't You See
Breaking The Border
There's Nothing Better


  1. I can't find any info about her, though I remember her songs. The only thing I know is that she's russian.

  2. Reupload please? And while I'm at it, I was looking through Discogs when trying to find another download of the CD, and I found out that her actual name is Julis Lewis Bostic. I Googled that, and got only the Discogs result. :(

  3. reupload please, please, please

  4. The Megaupload link still worked, so I redirected it to that. ;)

  5. Thank you very much :) I love you ;)

  6. Hey. Could you please re-upload this if possible. All links are dead.

  7. I remember her, I live in Spain and this girl wasn´t successful here in Spain, even I doubt she once tried to sell her CD here, but I had RTL from satellite TV and I saw the "Unstoppable" video 3 or 4 times. Where is she now? She was so hot and had so nice voice!!!

  8. Update, I have known yesterday her real name is "Julis Bostic" and she is Russian.
    Unfortunatelly, no more info :(

  9. No, she's German, and her real last name is Juliette Schoppman.

  10. Guys
    dont make up things if you dont know or read.
    Ok. Her real name is Julis Lewis Bostic. Her last name is not Russian. Her last name is Serbian. She also features on a Sarajevo & Moi - Dark Sky
    You get it, Sarajevo/Bostic --- Serbia....ex Yugoslavia.
    She was born in Germany and her parents are Serbian.
    Also...she collaborated with Lionel Richie with the song THE ONE which was commercialized for Mercedez Benz.
    Her stage name is Juliette Decembre

    And...that is all you mfkers get for now.