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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oval Emotion - Reach Out (1993)

Though the face of Oval Emotion was vocalist / songwriter Cissy Goodridge and musician / songwriter /co-producer Kenny Moran, most of the group's sound owes a lot to the production of Nick Fiorucci. The Canadian house producer was a huge presence in the late 80's house scene, contributing to many house songs that would become worldwide dance hits and founding successful dance label Hi-Bias records. He would later find greater Canadian success as half of pop-house duo Temperance, and it appears he honed his craft for that act in his work with this one. Oval Emotion were also a pop-house duo with soul. They had dance hits both in Canada and internationally with their first couple of singles "Do It" and "Go Go". They released this album a couple of years later and had a further hit with the title track, which even made a dent in the Canadian pop charts. But a small dent is all they made, and they only managed to put out a few more singles to lesser success: "Don't Make Me Wait" from the album, and two new songs - "Higher And Higher" in 1996 and "Do You Have Another One" in 1997. Fiorucci and Moran continue to produce, and Cissy was briefly a part of acappella trio Wayward Sister, but now focuses on her job as head of Music and Performing Arts at various Canadian schools.

Video for Reach Out

Video for Don't Make Me Wait

Download Reach Out

Don't Make Me Wait
Reach Out
How Do We Keep It Alive
Do It
Love Is In Control
Go Go
Gimme That Love
Missing You
Let Your Soul Be Free
Go Go (Deep Destruction)
Do It (In Tranquility)
Don't Make We Wait (Elicit Mix)


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