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Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Rebel Pebbles - Girls Talk (1991)

The Rebel Pebbles formed in Los Angeles in 1989 through newspaper ads. The four ladies (Rachel Murray, Karen Blankfeld, Cheryl Bullock & Robin Barnetti) made an indie EP that got the attention of I.R.S. records. They replaced Barnetti with Robin Fox (no, not the Robin Fox already featured) and toured a bit before recording their only album. Basically, if you like the Bangles or Go-Gos, you'll like this. It was produced by Tony Peluso, who had produced a ton of deserted pop stars, some already featured here like Apollonia and Teen Dream, and other possible future entries like The Triplets, The Party, Times Two, Joey Lawrence and Lauren Christy. His involvement guaranteed that the music would be far more sugar-coated and poppy than either the Bangles or Go-Gos. The first single, "Dream Lover", almost made it into the Billboard Top 40. The follow-ups, "How Do You Feel" and "Anthony's Attic", did not, and the group disbanded. In 2000 Rachel Murray released a solo album with help from some of the Pebbles, and they reunited briefly for some tribute shows. Who knows, perhaps they'll reunite again in the future, once again following in the footsteps of their far more successful musical forebears.

UPDATE: Thanks to Elizabeth for letting me know that Rebel Pebbles recently reformed and did a reunion show in June, 2011! Go to their Facebook page for more!! You can also now get their album on iTunes as well as their rare EP from 1990, Party Time. And Rachel Murray also has her own band, Rachel In The Weeds. Go HERE for more!

Video for Dream Lover

Video for How Do You Feel

Video for No More Cryin'

Download Girls Talk

Dream Lover
How Do You Feel
Girls Talk
Anthony's Attic
Toy Soldier
No More Cryin'
Groovy Love
Without You
Eskimo And Butterfly
Elephant's Revenge
Wild Weekend


  1. Ah, I remember them too. I was infatuated with the "Dream Lover" song. I think I might even still have the cassingle in a box somewhere.

  2. Wow, you're making up for lost time. Thank you. I was just transferring my Dream Lover music video to DVD this week.

  3. Rachel n robin r sexy

  4. Please re-up? I swear I'll go buy it if I like it...I always do! :)

    1. Cool, thanks! :) The Rebel Pebbles rock...and roll! ;) Definitely for fans of the Go-Gos! (I would need more vocal harmonies, more ballads, and the girls taking turns singing lead to compare them to the Bangles though! ;)) I wonder what Karen Blankfeld's up to these days? She wrote 2 of my fav songs here, "Without You" & "Elephant's Revenge", but didn't get to sing them...I wonder if she ever sang, maybe in other bands? Hmm. I'm off to explore their Facebook page, and iTunes of course! Thanks again for introducing me to this fun girl group I missed!