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Friday, July 25, 2008

Chica - Chica (2005)

Chica was (is?) a latina female teen trio - Emille Gandara, Lynnette Collazo & Monique Ximenez. Their origins seem to begin in the world of Christian music. It 2002, Christian label Word put on a contest to find a fourth member for Chica (Jessica Matos was also a member at the time). They were to have an album released on Warner Bros. in 2003. What happened between then and 2005, when they finally released their debut album (which I also found in a Dollarama!), remains a bit of a mystery. We do know that Jessica was replaced by Lynette, who was perhaps the winner of the contest. Whatever the case, they ended up on indie label Sought After Entertainment, which also seems to have a base in Christianity, though it sells itself as releasing "Powerful Music with a Positive Message". Their singles "Stop" and "Make You Dance" got some play on the loosely Christian Radio Disney and were thus being pushed on the pre-teen audience. They obviously didn't catch on. But the music is better than expected, ranging from pure pop to R&B to dance, and no noticeable Christian element. I personally really like the song "Breathe". It's hard to gauge whether they're still together, as they do have a Myspace site but no other internet presence. And Ximenez had a solo track on the Jessica Simpson straight to DVD movie Blonde Ambition last year. But don't count them out just yet...

Download Chica

Make You Dance
Then You Came
Anywhere With You
Primer Amor
Viene Mi Gente
He Says...
Come Back To Me
I Wish