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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Max-A-Million - Take Your Time (1995)

Max-A-Million began as a solo artist, Duran Estevez. He recorded and released the song "Fat Boy", which generated some dance club success. His producers, house duo 20 Fingers, believed that he would be more successful as part of a group. They gathered a couple other artists that they had worked with, A'lisa B and Tommye Miller, and formed the group, rerecording "Fat Boy" with them. The song became a worldwide dance smash, and they quickly rushed out an album to build on this success. (Bizarrely, someone sent this album to my mother thinking she would like it, and she gave it to me.) Three more singles were released, all of which became dance hits. "Take Your Time (Do It Right)" (a remake of the SOS Band disco hit), "Sexual Healing" (a remake of the Marvin Gaye soul hit), and "Fat Boy" all managed to make it to the 60s on the Billboard Hot 100. Their mix of reggae, rap, soul, pop and house was obviously attractive to a sizable audience, but not enough to get them a major hit. With 20 Fingers working with so many other acts, Max-A-Million got pushed aside and after releasing the single "Break My Stride" (a remake of the Matthew Wilder pop song), they disbanded. A'lisa and Tommye still record, as does Duran, who once again uses the name Max-A-Million as a solo artist.

Video for Fat Boy

Video for Take Your Time (Do It Right)

Video for Sexual Healing

Download Take Your Time

Take Your Time (Do It Right)
Part Time Love Affair
Sexual Healing
Have Fun Tonight
De' Flava
Hangin' On
Fat Boy
Run Come
Everybody's Groovin'
Physical A Bit
My Mind
Run Tings