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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Soluna - For All Time (2002)

Here is another Latina pop group, this time comprised of four girls: Aurora Rodriguez, America Olivo, Jessica Castellanos, and Christina "T" Lopez. The four were signed to Dreamworks during the Latin pop craze. The album was produced primarily by Steve Morales, who has worked with Latin superstars Jon Secada, Ricky Martin and Enrique Iglesias, and includes pop, dance, R&B and Latin tracks. The first single "Bring It To Me" was a minor dance hit. The follow-up ballad, "For All Time" was a bigger hit, cracking the Billboard Top 100, but only made it into the 70's. The third single, "Monday Mi Amor", failed to chart. The girls were working on a deal with UPN for their own sitcom based on their music industry adventures, but the show wasn't picked up. It likely would have been a great help in getting them more attention and thus a bigger audience. Without it they didn't manage to entice a big enough fan base to survive and they split amicably in 2004. All four girls have continued to record, and they have also pursued successful acting careers. America, Jessica and Christina all also have their own Myspace sites, so check 'em out!

Video for For All Time

Second version of video for For All Time

Download For All Time

Bring It To Me
Hey Hey, You You
Nothing Looks Good On Me But You
For All Time
Don't Wanna Live My Life Without You
I'll Be Waiting For You
So In Love
Te Vengo A Decir (Interlude)
Spanish Lullabye
All Out Of Love
He Should Be You
Monday Mi Amor
Luna Mia
Bring It To Me (Spanish Version)
Por La Eternidad (For All Time)


  1. Ah yes, another flop act I liked back in the day. I remember getting so excited when I obtained a promo cd featuring a slew of remixes for the first single on Ebay.

  2. Love that album! Bomitoni can back me up on this :)

  3. back in time with this Album... Thanks a lot!!

  4. Please reload the album, link no service