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Friday, August 1, 2008

Juliet Roberts - Natural Thing (1994)

Juliet Roberts was kicking around the UK music scene for some time before she had her breakout international hit with "I Want You". She had recorded some solo reggae, soul and funk songs (as Julie Roberts) in the early 1980s, and then hooked up with jazz group Working Week, recording and touring with them through the mid-80s. While gaining some success in the UK, her profile was non-existent outside of it. She continued to record solo and with other groups, but it wasn't until she dabbled in house music with the song "Free Love" in 1992 that people started noticing. A couple years later she hit the international dance and pop charts with the house stomper "I Want You", a very upbeat and accessible club jam. The song almost made it into the Billboard Top 40, and it's follow up "Caught In The Middle" was also a number one dance smash. Her album followed, with production by D-Mob's Dancin' Danny D. But despite this success, Juliet soon faded from view, and she instead pursued her love of jazz music. She would continue to release dance singles as a solo artist and featured vocalist, but the only other album she has released thus far was the independent jazz CD Beneath The Surface. However, with her recent appearance doing lead vocals on several tracks on The Orb's latest album, we can assume we'll be seeing Juliet back in the spotlight soon enough.

Video for I Want You

Download Natural Thing

I Want You
Caught In The Middle
Free Love
Tell Me
Force Of Nature
Save It
Natural Thing
Eyes Of A Child


  1. Fabulous! I don't know how I've missed this song, but it seems like something that I probably jammed to on the radio when I was in grade school. Ah, the early '90s...those were the days!

    On a completely unrelated note, I am still scouring the earth to find a copy of that damn Misa CD...

  2. I adore Miss Roberts! If you're after the CD single mixes hit me up.

  3. I remember always seeing this in the cut-out bins (where oh where have cut-out bins gone??) back in the day. I will check her out :)

  4. Quiero Ser Santa and his scary pic! :P

    Juliet Roberts rocks!

    Like I'm caught
    Caught in the middle of love
    Caught in the middle of you
    Caught in the middle of L-O-V-E Love
    My heart!