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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Jamie Principle - The Midnite Hour (1992)

Jamie Principle is one of the pioneers of house music. He released his first single, "Waiting On My Angel", in 1985, a collaboration with house producer extraordinaire Frankie Knuckles. His next single with Knuckles, "Your Love" was an underground smash. Soon after he hooked up with one of the Isle's fave producers, Steve "Silk" Hurley. They would construct more underground smashes like "Baby Wants To Ride" and "Rebels". Jamie also helped produce several of the albums already featured here that Hurley was involved with. It took six years from his first single for Jamie to finally release an album of his own, however. It was assisted by Hurley and is a sexy, smooth ride, equal parts house, funk and soul. I remember hearing the first single "You're All I've Waited 4" on the radio, and I actually thought it was Claudja Barry! Jamie's voice is very androgynous, IMO, which makes his music more mysterious. The debut single and "Hot Body" both burned up the dance charts, but mainstream success eluded him. He continued to record and produce, working closely with Hurley, Knuckles and the 20 Fingers team (the guys responsible for "Short Dick Man" and "Lick It"). He also had another dance hit in 2004 with Knuckles called "Bac N Da Day". Word on the street is that he's working on a new album, finally. Let's hope, as he is indeed a unique talent, a one of a kind vocalist, songwriter and producer.

Video for You're All I've Waited 4

Download The Midnite Hour

Private Joy
Hot Body
You're All I've Waited 4
Do It
Taste My Love
Please Don't Go Away
The Midnite Hour
I've Cried All My Tears
If It's Love