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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Emjay - In Your Arms (1995)

Emjay was French-Canadian, Ottawa based singer Marie-Josée Riel. As a teen, she joined group Micheal B & The Power as a back-up vocalist. In 1993, she won an American Guild Award (whatever THAT is!) as best Pop Solo Artist. Soon after she released her first single "Sound Of My Heartbeat", which became a Canadian dance hit. She was quite successful in Canada after that with several singles, including remakes of Company B's "Fascinated" and Exposé's "Point Of No Return". Her biggest hit was the title track to her album. But full on pop fame eluded her. Perhaps it was because the genre of music she specialized in, euro-house, quickly fell out of favour. But the album is solid, produced by many of the same crew involved in previous postee Solina's album. The track and single "Flying To The Moon" has special bittersweet meaning to me, as it was the song playing at full volume when I was leaving a party while having my very worst 'trip'. It was my salvation song! Anyway, she recorded several other songs for a second album that was never released, with the singles "Over And Over" and "We All Need Love". She has practically disappeared since, though there is a Myspace page dedicated to her, so a fanbase still exists, craving new music from a promising singer.

UPDATE:  Emjay is alive and well!  I saw her recently (early 2013) in concert and she was FANTASTIC!  Hope she releases some new material soon.

Video for In Your Arms

Live performance of Flying To The Moon on Electric Circus

Download In Your Arms

Sound Of My Heartbeat
In Your Arms
Flying To The Moon
Bring Me
So Far Away
Be My Man
You Say Love
Every Night
Falling In Love
Sing It
Point Of No Return
Fascinated (Underground Mix)


  1. you have no idea how badly i've wanted to find this album!
    it was always so hard to find in stores (or far too much, some hmv's charged an import price for some reason) so i never got to add it to my cd collection when i was into euro.
    i've searched everywhere for it since and havent found it, and finally here it is! thanks so much dude!
    ps: there are videos of emjay performing recently at some toronto club, she's aged, but she 's still good :)

  2. I have a second hand copy of the CD I got a few years after it was released-not bad.

  3. Emjay link is not working... Would you mind reposting it? Thanks

  4. I read more than once that the liner notes of Emjay's album have pictures of her smoking weed. Is this true? Are there pictures that can confirm this?

  5. Finally stumble upon this. Can you reup, the link is down? Thank.

  6. Thank you so much for this my friend!

  7. Could you please re-up when you get the chance?