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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Freaky Realistic - Frealism (1993)

Freaky Realistic were a trio based in the UK comprised of singer / instrumentalist / songwriter / producer Justin Anderson, singer Aki Omori and rapper MPL (Michael Peter Lord). They burst on the UK scene with their unique single "Something New". Though the song failed to chart, critics ate them up. They released a couple other singles, "Koochie Ryder" and "Leonard Nimoy", the following year, and both hit the lower region of the British charts. Their album also came out that year, but despite being greatly anticipated by critics, the album did not catch on with a mass audience. They did begin work on a second album, but apparently a fight between Justin and MPL caused an irreparable rift and they split. Too bad, because the album, produced in large part by St. Etienne producer Gerard Johnson, is a fun melange of styles. Their Myspace page describes them as "pop/funk/psychedelic", and I'd also add synth-pop, rap, house and brit-pop to their list of styles. Anderson went on to form a couple other bands, Aki worked with The Orb and is now apparently a yoga instructor, and MPL's whereabouts remain a mystery. But perhaps the most successful person to emerge from the project was Kym Marsh, who did uncredited backing vocals on the album and would later become a member of winning Popstars group Hear'Say and a successful solo artist. For more on the band, including a live performance and tracks from their unreleased second album, go HERE.

Video for Leonard Nimoy

Live performance of Koochie Ryder

Download Frealism

Something New / Cosmic Love Vibes
Koochie Ryder
Love That Loves
Leonard Nimoy
Salivate Spacial
Trickle In
Imaginary Pavilions
Make It Happen
The Most
This Is Freaky Realistic
Frealism (Reprise) / Something New/Cosmic Love Vibes (Fat Planet Remix)

1 comment:

  1. This really was something else. Nice intro to the 90's decade. 'This is Freaky Realistic'and 'Make It Happen' was on every mix tape I made for friends at that time. A very dreamy time was had by all.
    Thanks for the upload. My cassettes are long chewed up by now...