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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Shirley Lewis - Passion (1989)

When searching on the net for Shirley Lewis, I found much more on two other singers with the same name. But a deeper search reveals that this Shirley Lewis (nee Fredericks) was a successful British back-up singer, most notably for George Michael and Elton John, but also on albums produced by the SAW team. She is also younger singer of soul singer Linda Lewis. She released a couple of amazing dance singles in the early 1980s, "Love's Warming Up" and "Didn't Say A Word", and then joined her sisters Linda and Dee (who also pursued a solo career) as Lewis (aka Lewis Sisters). They released a few funky singles in 1986-87, and then in 1988 Shirley went solo again and released the poppier "(You Used To Be) Romantic" on A&M Records. This track got much more attention and led to her first and only solo album. The album is dance-pop, with quite a few house elements, thanks in large part to producer Shep Pettibone, who produced a majority of the tracks. The first single "Realistic" hit the lower regions of the Billboard Hot 100. The follow-up, the great house track "You Can't Hide," failed to chart anywhere but on the dance chart. Further single "Heartbreaker" didn't chart at all and Shirley faded away. (Of special note to fans of this blog is the track "Save Me", which was originally recorded by the duo Say When!, which consisted of former Isle postees Goddess and B.B. Queen! The song was later reinterpreted in Corona's hit "Rhythm Of The Night".) Shirley recorded a couple other tracks as a featured vocalist in the 1990s, but has since went back to back-up singing for George Michael, among others. Also, in the 1990s she married Luke Goss, one half of successful twin pop duo Bros, and they recently moved to Los Angeles, perhaps hoping to once again capture the spotlight.

Video for Realistic

Download Passion

Love Somebody
Boy Meets Girl
Passion In The Heart
You Can't Hide
The Best In Me
Where Do We Go From Here
Life After Love
Save Me
Don't Burn Your Bridges


  1. I believe that Ms. Lewis' song "Romantic" is a cover of the 1987 tune by Jo Joe, which I blogged about in Traxx:

  2. Download doesn't work

  3. I d/l this t'other day, and have only just listened to it.
    It's glorious ! She reminds me very much of Heywoode ('Arrival'). I always wanted another Heywoode album, and this is the next best thing, thankyou !

    Also, I wish the Lewis Sisters had lasted longer. I love girlgroups.

    I have the single Double Standard (Don't Dis Me), by DEE Lewis, and it includes the 'album version'. I've never been able to find any album by Dee Lewis and was wondering if you know the title, or am I searching for something that doesn't even exist ?

    1. As far as I know, Dee never released an album, only four singles... Likely an album was planned but was never released. ;)

  4. wow. i used to play "where do we go from here" when i was a radio dj in manila back in the early '90s and i've been looking for a copy ever since. she isn't easy to find, this shirley lewis. thanks so much for the download link!