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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Beatfish - Beatfish (1991)

The music on the Beatfish CD was originally intended as a solo project for Martin Plaza, formerly of Australian new wave group Mental As Anything. After having some solo success, he wanted to pursue a different sound and enlisted James Freud, formerly of Models, also a successful Australian new wave group. After writing together they obviously decided two heads were better than one and christened themselves Beatfish. With production assistance from Robert Racic, best known for his work with industrial group Severed Heads, they created an album very much unlike anything their bands had recorded. The result was synth-pop with soul, with subtle house and techno edges. They released three singles - "All Around The World", "Wheels Of Love" and "Get Together" - to some success in Australia. (They, like previous postee Boogie Box High, also do a version of the Bee Gees' "Jive Talkin'".) But perhaps because the music was unexpected to fans of their former groups, the album failed to take off. The two went their separate ways, collaborating with others as well as pursuing solo careers. They would collaborate again in 1996 for Hawaiian influenced music under the name Moondog. Freud has pretty much retired from music, and released an autobiography in 2003. Plaza continues to pursue music, as well as art.

Video for Wheels Of Love

Download Beatfish

All Around The World
Jive Talking
Out Of Control
Drop The Bomb
New Day
Love In Vain
Wheels Of Love
I Want To Be Bad


  1. I remember seeing the video for Wheels of Love on Earth to MTV (which showed other "international" acts Le Boyfriend and Mitsou. As always an amazing blog!

    Ive started a new one-check it out if you get a chance!

  2. Wow! I'm amazed you are familiar with Beatfish. I figured they had only been released in Australia.

  3. James Freud passed away a couple of months ago....

  4. Great Album, Very Rare - Shame the link Is Dead

  5. WOW, such a quick response. Thank-you a hundred times, your blog is great & your effort amazing.

  6. can this one be reupped again? rare out of print 1991 release

  7. Any chance for a re-up on this one? Listened to it a lot back in college, would love to hear it again.