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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Giovanna - Secrets Of The Heart (1994)

If you liked the Emjay and Solina albums that I posted here earlier, then you will love this album. Giovanna Manfredi is an Ottawa native who was discovered by the same producers who produced Emjay and Solina's albums. The producers cut their teeth on Giovanna's album, perfecting their version of europop. Giovanna has the pipes of a dance diva and she delivers. Alas, the album was released on a small indie label, and despite some local airplay and success in Ottawa, not much else was heard from Giovanna. According to her website, Giovanna released two other albums, though likely independently as they are impossible to find on the internet. Also, samples of the tracks were posted on her website, but they are no longer active. It appears her website hasn't been updated since 2003, so her current whereabouts are unknown, though she is probably still doing her thing in Ottawa.

Download Secrets Of The Heart

Secrets Of The Heart
More Time, More Love
Techno Romance
Digital Dream
Turn Around
You Better Stop
Let's Go Out
I Need Your Love

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