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Friday, October 3, 2008

Dog Won't Bite - Schplatterfunk (1993)

Dog Won't Bite consisted of Canadian singer / drummer / producer Leon Stevenson and bassist / singer Sandy Horne. Sandy was once a member of successful Canadian new wave group Spoons, who had several hits in Canada in the 1980's, most notably "Nova Heart". Both of their groups were signed to the same indie label at the time (Leon was in the new wave/ska group The Extras), and with the dissolution of both groups, they decided to team up and explore a different type of music. What they came up with was a hybrid of synth-pop, funk, and techno. They alternate vocals and use tons of samples. Some of the tracks are instrumental, and "Out Of Limits" is essentially a techno remix of The Markett's 60's surf rock hit. Obviously they were well-regarded, as they were picked up by MCA Records, a surprise considering how experimental their music was. And it would appear MCA's gamble didn't pay off, as the album came and went with little fanfare. Stevenson has continued making and producing music. So has Horne, as Spoons reunited in 2011 and released the album Static In Transmission, and have been performing gigs across Canada ever since.

Download Schplatterfunk

Bell Bottoms
Out Of Limits
Sweet Lies
X-Ploding Frogs
My Husband Sells Roses


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