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Friday, September 26, 2008

4-Way! - Love & Peace (1990)

Once again I present one of those acts on whom I can find little info, due in large part to the group's lack of success and limited album credits. What I can tell you is that the group consisted of two women and two men (which I concluded only because the cover pictures two women and two men!) and that the album was produced by DJ EFX, a successful house artist and even more successful remixer, who remixed top notch artists as well as some Isle postees - namely Traci Lords, Nokko and Misa. And it would appear that Angelo Pagan, along with DJ EFX, made up the male portion of the group, as he co-wrote almost all of the songs. Pagan has his own website which unfortunately skips over his time with 4-Way! in favour of his acting credits (though it does claim he started in music). The other two writers credited, Raquel Rivera and Anita Ochoa, are likely the female half, especially since Ochoa also gets credited with backing vocal arrangements. And they were signed to primarily hip hop label Nastymix. The music is basically freestyle (the singles "With All My Love 4U" and "Summer Passion") and house (promo single "Pump It Up"), with a bit of pop and new jack swing thrown in and alternating male and female vocals. It's a fun rarity that will hopefully get more attention thanks to its presence on the Isle. :)

Download Love & Peace

With All My Love 4U
Tell Me That You Love Me
Set U Free
Summer Passion
Pump It Up
A Brand New Life
Could It Be Me
Musical Machine

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