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Friday, September 26, 2008

Red Red Groovy - 25 (1993)

Red Red Groovy was another band who incorporated a more alternative sound into what is essentially pop music. The creation of Minneapolis DJ Brett Edgar, the group's goal was to "combine '60s-minded psychedelic rock with club/dance music". He had created a bunch of songs on his own that got label interest, so he had to pull a group together to tour and record a proper album. He enlisted singer Lori Larson and guitarist Mike Hill. They were signed to MCA offshoot Continuum. Their first single, "Another Kind Of Find", was a hit on the Billboard Dance Chart. The second single, "Come To Me, Ecstasy", did even better. A third single, "Burning Like The Sun", also hit the dance charts, only not as high. Despite this dance chart and club success, the group failed to reach the pop charts. Their sound, which really did incorporate psychedelic rock, pop, techno, house and even ambient moments, was certainly infectious but probably too adventurous for most. The fact that Continuum folded soon after, which prohibited them from releasing new music, didn't help, and the group disbanded. According to a site dedicated to the group, Edgar still records as Red Red Groovy. Visitor Tonservo3Alt wrote to let us know that Lori Larson recorded a solo album, Buoyancy, in 2003, which explored a more adult contemporary, new age sound.  (She should not be confused with the new age singer with the same but differently spelled name, Laurie Larson.) And they also shared a true rarity, a song Red Red Groovy recorded with 60's oddity and one hit wonder Tiny Tim in 1996, entitled "We Love You Billy Budd".  Odd indeed, but certainly in keeping with the psychedelic sounds of both artists.

Video for Another Kind Of Find

Download 25

The Footprint Of Memory
View (The Universe)
Ibiza Bar
Come To Me, Ecstacy
The Time Has Come (To Go Out Of Your Mind)
Another Kind Of Find
A Flower
The Fabric Of Space
The Two Eternities
Burning Like The Sun
Divergence Of Now
The Vision
Is This Heaven?
Beginnings Of Sorrow


  1. An absolutely amazing, criminally overlooked album. I don't understand why Continuum folding would prevent them from releasing new music? Keep hoping the people involved will come forward.

  2. Please repost, link is dead, thanks

  3. Red Red Groovy actually recorded with Tiny Tim on what would be one of his last songs, it was never released but you can hear it here:

    In addition, the singer, Lori Larson released a solo album in 2001.

    1. Thanks for the info! I've updated the post. :)

  4. I was very much a part of the Minneapolis scene in those days at all the clubs frequently and just wanted to let you know Brett Edgar was NEVER a DJ. In fact I probably stood next to him at the DJ booth at First Avenue at least 60 times but he was a guest and friend of the actual DJ Roy Freedom and never did a single DJ'ing guest spot or spun anywhere else in the Twin Cities. He was an employee of a big record label and also very busy with Red Red Groovy so it's unlikely he could have even found the time for a DJ'ing career.

  5. Anonymous is wrong. Edgar DJd at Prince's club Glam Slam for over a year. Also was a main DJ at William's Nightclub for 4 years. Before that DJd at Classic Motor Co.

  6. Hi - do you still have this album laying around, by chance? I'd like to replace my cassette copy of _25_ that died a few years ago.