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Friday, September 26, 2008

One True Parker - Will I Dream? (1999)

One True Parker is essentially DJ Karen Parker. She was a well- respected drum 'n' bass DJ during the genre's heyday. She also remixed songs by various alternative acts ranging from Pig to Ruby to The Orb. She released the single "Bubblegum" in 1996 to lots of fanfare from the drum 'n' bass audience. It took her three years to release an album, but with it's release she also released another single, "Singing Ringing Tune" and later, "Killer". While all three tracks and the album were well received by critics and drum 'n' bass and jungle fans, the music was likely too much for the casual pop fan, despite Karen's soothing pop vocals, and it went mostly unnoticed. One fan, pop tart Gina G., summed up the album's spirit and sound: "It's the kind of thing I could really get into. It's got a heavy jungle feel with atmospheric, floaty vocals. Very innovative..." So if Gina approved, so should you! LOL It appears Karen recorded nothing more as One True Parker, and her current whereabouts are unknown. No doubt she is still DJing somewhere, though.

Download Will I Dream?

Bubble Gum
Tree Top
Song For Sean
Bad Day
Singing Ringing Tune
Singing Ringing Tune (Juttajaw Mix)
Singing Ringing Tune (Orb Mastermix)