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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sabrina Johnston - Peace (1991), Sabrina (1996) & Yum Yum (1998) TRIPLE POST!!!

German born Sabrina Johnston's "Peace" was one of the most successful tracks from the "happy house" movement. It came on the heels of Crystal Waters' "Gypsy Woman", and, like Simone's "My Family Depends On Me", coasted on that vibe of conscious, positive lyrics and fun, upbeat beats. It was a minor hit on the US dance charts and was even bigger in Europe. Her follow-ups, the equally upbeat "Friendship" and "I Wanna Sing", followed suit, though to lesser success. She finally managed to release a major label album on EastWest, produced by her hubby Ken, that followed the same formula, with some more soulful numbers thrown in to take full advantage of her powerhouse voice. With the rising popularity of hip hop in the early 1990's, artists like Sabrina soon found they had no place on the charts. Not that she stopped recording. She kept pumping out singles (including the gay anthem "Free Gay & Happy" in 1995), and released another album, the Japan-only Sabrina in 1996 (which she released in the US in 1998 as Yum Yum, with a slightly altered tracklisting and some remixing). She continues to record, with an occasional single or featured vocals here and there, and there is no doubt that this talented lady will rule the charts in the future. Her voice simply cannot be denied.  (Special thanks to Iwannis Ch for sharing Sabrina and Yum Yum with us! :) )

Video for Peace

Video for Friendship

Video for I Wanna Sing

Download Peace

Don't Hide Your Love
Yours That Kind Of Love
Anniversary Lover
I Wanna Sing
We Need Each Other
Give It To Me
Hyway 95

Download Sabrina

1 Reasons
2 Tonight
3 Sorry
4 Lay Me Down
5 I Can Feel It Happen
6 No I'm Not Gonna Be
7 Yum Yum
8 You Need Some Lovin'
9 Ain't Nobody Gonna Stop Me
10 My Loves Strong
11 Throw Your Hands Up
12 Madness

Download Yum Yum

1 Reasons
2 Tonight
3 Yum Yum
4 Ain't Nobody Gonna Stop Me
5 No
6 You In My Life
7 Lay Me Down
8 Sorry
9 You Need Me Lovin'
10 I Can Feel It Happen

Bonus Tracks
11 Tonight (Junior Vasquez Mix)
12 Reasons (Mohammed's Club Mix)


  1. I remember Sabrina Johnston. Well, kind of. Her music was somehow, good. But in 1991 I was more into Lita Ford. Would be great if you could write about her, too.

  2. i'd love to have 1996 "Sabrina" album and "Yum Yum" if you could, please ?

    1. Sorry, don't have either of those, but will add them to my wantlist.

    2. ok well i bought them and here is my present for you... Here it is "Sabrina" 1996 and here is "Yum Yum"

    3. OMG, AMAZING! Thanks so much!

  3. Ohhhhhh Sabrina is absolutely about to be flying high on the charts once more......I caught up with her in Atlanta 7/26/2014 and she was unbelievable! She is looking great and sounding better than ever.