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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Underdog Project - It Doesn't Matter (2001)

The heart of the Underdog Project is euro production trio Triple S, euro producer Toni Cottura (the husband of featured Isle castaway Daisy Dee!) and Canadian singer Vick Krishna. After a jam session during Krishna's visit to Germany, they gelled and made some rough demos that got the attention of a label - in Germany. The album included many different styles, including freestyle, reggae, hip hop, trance and 2 step. While Krishna did the vocals on most tracks, many others stepped in to assist, and my faves are the songs featuring female singer Choice (not the rapper, unfortunately). The single "Summer Jam" became huge in Germany, and even made itself known in danceclubs across the world. Follow-up singles "I Can't Handle It" and "Tonight" also fared well in Europe, but didn't make much of an impact anywhere else. Though they used many elements, the songs tended to sound the same. Over the years they released other singles, including "Saturday Night", "Remember", "Winter Jam", "Miami" and "Girls Of Summer", but all the tracks seemed to reference their biggest hit "Summer Jam" and didn't make a huge splash. They released a remix of the song in 2003, and the album was rereleased in 2004 with remixes and some new tracks. It appears they may still be going, as they released a new single entitled "Unbelievable" in 2007.

Video for Summer Jam

Video for I Can't Handle It

Download It Doesn't Matter

Summer Jam
I Can't Handle It
Half A Woman
For The Ladies
No More (Accapella Skid)
All Night
Summer Jam (Unplugged)


  1. The link to the album appears to be dead. Could you please upload it again? :)

  2. Thanks for posting this man! I love their stuff, and you blog seems awesome too, i can't wait to check out which other albums you've shared.