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Friday, November 7, 2008

Bobby Z - Bobby Z (1989)

Everyone knows Bobby Z as the drummer for Prince's band The Revolution during Prince's heydey. He was hired on by Prince in the late 1970's mainly because he was white and Prince wanted a racially diverse band. He toured with Prince for years and also appeared in the movie Purple Rain. But when Wendy & Lisa left the group in 1986, Prince ended the Revolution and enlisted a new band. Bobby (born Robert Rifkin) then turned his attention to producing, working on albums by Wendy & Lisa, Boy George, Aswad and Isle postee Anna Voog's group The Blue Up?, as well as on her solo album. He also tried his hand at being a recording artist in his own right with this album. It is what you would expect from a disciple of Prince, funky synth-pop with a rock edge. The first single "Lie By Lie" was accompanied by a video, but neither got much play. Two other singles were released, "Give Into You" and "You Are Everything", but they got even less notice. The most notable track is "River Run Dry", a song written by Bobby but originally recorded by Prince protégés The Family. The albums by The Blue Up? and Anna Voog kept him busy in later years, but otherwise little is known about his current whereabouts and activity. It is assumed that he still occasionally drums and produces, and he would no doubt be available for a Revolution reunion!

Download Bobby Z

Give Into You
Lie By Lie
River Run Dry
Grey Heart
The Meaning
Movement Of Love
You Are Everything