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Friday, November 7, 2008

Rebekah - Remember To Breathe (1998)

Rebekah Jordan (aka Rebekah Johnson) was quite heavily hyped by Elektra Records upon the release of her debut album. She garnered quite a bit of press and some great reviews. Like so many other artists here on the Isle, she was considered the next big thing. And then her album flopped. This was through no fault of her own or her producer, one-hit-wonder Matthew Wilder (whose hit "Break My Stride" was covered by Max-A-Million on their album posted here). Wilder brought much of the spunk and funk he also brought to No Doubt's break-out album Tragic Kingdom, and Rebekah brought some great songwriting and a powerful voice. But, as with former postees Kina and Cree Summer, it seemed the public wasn't ready for a woman of colour with a rock edge. Her first single "Sin So Well" did hit the Billboard pop charts, but only made it to number 80. She went on to star in a few films, and her music seemed to take a backseat. Then, in 2004, Kelly Clarkson recorded her song "Beautiful Disaster" and included it on her first album, and then she included a live version on her second. This encouraged Rebekah to record and release an EP on her own the following year titled The Trouble With Fiction, using her full name, and the another in 2010, Souvenir. She also formed the group Dreaming Ferns. In 2012 she released a new video for a song called "Eve", which is from the still unreleased album Asphalt Heart. Interestingly, in her official bios, even on her official website, Remember To Breathe is never mentioned. Perhaps she preferred to make a fresh start as an indie artist, though it is an album she should be proud of.

Download Remember To Breathe

Hey Genius
Sin So Well
Remember To Breathe
Love Song
I Wish I Could Believe Me
Keep It A Secret
Be Your Own
Love Trap
Cardboard Boxes
To Be Special
Little Black Girl