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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sarai - The Original (2003)

Like previous Isle postees Icy Blu and Misa before her, Sarai got no respect as a white female rapper in the world of hip hop. She grew up in New York, and became exposed to the sounds of hip hop thanks to her brother. She loved it so much that she began writing raps at 15 and, on a trip to Atlanta, was discovered by a producer who thought her raps were impressive. She moved to Atlanta and worked with short-lived R&B/pop teen girl group P.Y.T. (who will be featured here in the future as well!), appearing in their song and video "Same Ol' Same Ol'" in 2001. One of her solo songs, "The Original", even appeared at the end of their album. Then in 2003 she released her album. The singles "Pack Ya Bags" and "Ladies" both made appearances on several Billboard charts, except for the most vital one, The Hot 100. The media kept calling her the female Eminem or 'Feminem', but reviews of her album weren't exactly kind, and the comparison ended there. I think it's unfair, however, as I quite enjoy the album and think she has a much better flow than most of the white (and some of the black) female rappers before her. But the criticism pushed her out of the spotlight. I have discovered, however, that she re-emerged in 2005 as Miss Eighty6, and has her own Myspace page, and also appeared on Paul Oakenfold's album A Lively Mind in 2006. In addition, she has had songs appear in Gossip Girl, among other TV shows and movies, so it looks like she may yet have another chance to prove a white woman can make it in hip hop.

Video for Ladies

Bonus video, with P.Y.T. in video for Same Ol' Same Ol'

Download The Original

I Know
Mind Ya Business
What Mama Told Me
It's Not A Fairytale
Pack Ya Bags
You Could Never
It's Official
Mary Anne
Black & White


  1. You've given me an incredible flashback. I remember seeing this music video when I was in high school, in the morning on MTV before I went to school. I remembered her red hoodie. I never knew who this was!


  2. For two years or so, I've searched EVERYWHERE for this album to no avail. Thanks so much for having finally brought my hunt to a successful end!

  3. Thanks a lot Nasty G. You're doin an amazing job here. I'm discovering so many artists that I never even knew existed. I could't agree with ya mo' bout Sarai. She's amazing.. I really dig her style! Thanks again n keep up d good work!

  4. Hello,
    can u re-up the Album, please.

  5. Please can u re-up the Album?

  6. Do you think you'll ever make that post on P.Y.T.? I really would like to hear more about them again as I loved them!

  7. Shame she didn't keep on putting out music other than the occasional single as Miss Eighty Six regardless of her lack of success. She actually had talent (as evidenced by Its Not A Fairytale as well as Black & White), and was quite honestly mismanaged by her label (who unfortunately tried to push her as a female Eminem).

  8. Also there is a Spanish Sarai who released an album around the same time called "Cada Beso" As far as I'm aware it did even worse than this Sarai.