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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mayte - Child Of The Sun (1995)

Well, here we are, my 200th post! And I'm featuring something special. This is the one and only album by the ex-Mrs. Prince, Mayte. Mayte Garcia was born in Alabama but moved around with her military dad and ended up in Germany. She studied dance almost out of the womb and became a very accomplished dancer in many forms. She also took vocal lessons, which led to the release of a few eurohouse singles in Germany: "Broken Wings" and "Too Dramatic". They weren't hits, and Mayte went back to dancing. After seeing Prince in concert, she sent him a video of her dancing in hopes of getting a gig. And with her exotic looks, name and talent, of course he snatched her up. She was perfect for his show, and for him, his soul ma(y)te! She became his premiere dancer in the New Power Generation, and soon after his wife. This led to this album, which he produced. I cannot believe that I haven't got my hands on it until now because I think it's awesome, one of the best Prince protegee albums ever! But critics and the public did not agree and it, and it's three singles "If Eye Love U 2night", "House Of Brick (Brick House)" and "The Most Beautiful Boy In The World" (a Prince remake, obviously), tanked. And so did Mayte's relationship with Prince, allegedly partially due to a miscarriage. But she carried on dancing and choreographing for people like Britney Spears, and had a short but highly publicized relationship with Tommy Lee (he speaks fondly of her in his autobiography). More recently she has been acting, and had a recurring role in the series Army Wives as a sultry villainess, solidifying her reputation as a triple threat.  She was also a judge on Dance Your Ass Off and currently appears as herself in the VH1 reality series Hollywood Exes.

Video for If Eye Love U 2night

Download Child Of The Sun

Children Of The Sun
In Your Gracious Name
If Eye Love U 2night
The Rhythm Of Your Heart
Ain't No Place Like U
House of Brick (Brick House)
Love's No Fun
Baby Don't Care
However Much U Want
Mo' Better
If Eye Love U 2night (Spanish)
The Most Beautiful Boy In The World


  1. Congrats on your 200th post! I've loved catching up on your blog and that Mayte album is fierce.

  2. This post inspired me to do a review of my own.

    Check it out here:

  3. I have been searching for this for years as I have a thing for Prince's Protege's also..thanx so much for posting it! i notice you have no postings for Taja Seville? would you consider her a candidate for TIODPS? I have 3 CDs of hers that i Love... a self titled one, Fountains Free and Toys of Vanity which is my favorite of the 3. Thanx again for the Mayte. oh and what about Jill Jones? love love love of my all time favorite albums!

  4. You're welcome! As for Taja and Jill Jones, maybe one day, as I love them both, though their albums aren't that difficult to find on the internet. ;)

  5. jill jones is fantastic and mayte has gr8 songs.