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Friday, November 21, 2008

Loïs L. - Precious (1993)

Being the Prince protegee freak that I was (and still am!), I leapt on this album as soon as I noticed he produced some of the songs. Loïs L. were better known in their native Amsterdam as Loïs Lane, and consisted of sisters Suzanne and Monique Klemann. They had begun their career in 1984, and had had hit songs and two hit albums in their native land. They were virtually unknown outside of the Netherlands, however. It appeared that this was about to change once Prince set his sights on them after meeting them as an opening act on his Nude tour, no doubt drawn to their dark exotic looks and outright sexuality (his favourite type of woman!). Inviting them to his Paisley Park studios, he worked on the first three songs on the album, one of which he previously recorded, "Sex". His assistance added a funky and fun element lacking in their previous music. In order to avoid a lawsuit from DC Comics, they had to rename themselves Loïs L in North America. The first single released was "Qualified", but despite Prince's involvement, it flopped and the girls had to return to Amsterdam with their tail between their legs. But they continued successfully there, releasing a few more albums, appearing on television both acting and hosting, and even posing for shocking photos in Playboy in 2004. Both were also later part of all female group Girls Want To Have Fun. Monique released a solo album in 2006, and Suzanne came out as a lesbian and married a woman. I always wondered if the song "I Love A Woman" on this album was literal, and now I have my answer! They are reportedly working on a new album as well.

Video for Sex

Video for Qualified

Live performance of I Wanna Be

Download Precious

I Wanna Be
I Love A Woman
I Oh I
Need A Little Space
She Came By
Make Way


  1. Like Darling Nikki, this one seems to be hanging, that is getting to 30% and just stopping.

  2. Hey! You might want to try again - all the links downloaded for me in full in less than a minute. ;)

  3. I'd really like to hear this album, along with a couple of other's I've posted on (sorry!), while searching out some rare Paisley Park albums. Thanks so much for what I've seen and heard here already!

    1. You're too kind :-D

    2. Hi Nasty G,

      Please, can you if possible upload again
      this album (US edition) that I don't find
      for sale.
      I would prefer the cd physic but by waiting...
      Thank you

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