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Friday, November 21, 2008

Transister - Transister (1997)

Like previous postee Artificial Joy Club, one album wonder DollsHead, and a host of other seeming copycats, Transister wanted to ride on the popularity being enjoyed by Garbage by crafting a danceable alternative rock album with lots of electronic flourishes and a female singer. The LA-based trio was fronted by British pixie Keely Hawkes (sister of Chesney Hawkes), and the seeds of a band were planted when songwriter Eric Pressly worked with Keely on her 1993 solo album. The duo then hooked up with a former bandmate of Pressly's, Gary Clark (who was also lead singer of one hit wonder group Danny Wilson) and they started working on their pop-with-a-heavy-edge, first releasing an EP and then a full album. Despite several of their tracks being featured on many popular soundtracks, their music, including the singles "Look Who's Perfect Now" and "Dizzy Moon", never really caught on with the public, though a remix of the bizarre "Head" did hit the Billboard Dance charts. The group disbanded, though Keely and Eric stayed together and eventually got married. All three members are still very much involved in the pop music industry: Keely has done backing vocals and written songs for the likes of Emma Bunton, Haylie Duff, Ashley Tisdale and Paris Hilton; Gary has produced and written songs for the likes of Natalie Imbruglia and Melanie C and now works closely with popular production team The Matrix; and Eric recorded a solo album and still produces and writes for popular artists. So all was not lost!

Video for Look Who's Perfect Now

Video for Dizzy Moon

Download Transister

Look Who's Perfect Now
Weather Boy
I Saw Red
Dizzy Moon
Then I Walked Away
What You Are
Stars Collide
Day #1
Falling Off The World