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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fabulon - All Girls Are Pretty. Volume 1 (1993)

Looking at the CD cover alone, one would have trouble imagining what music lay inside. Indeed, I picked this CD up for $1 years ago based, once again, on the name and image. Little could I expect that the music would be pop, with a strong glam and funk bent. Fabulon was essentially Kevin Macbeth, a 6 foot plus former rocker who moved from Miami to Atlanta and finally New York, after gigging in many bands. He wanted to make 'quality' pop music that incorporated the sounds of some of his idols - the rock of the Rolling Stones, the glam of T-Rex and the funk of Prince. I'd say that Prince's influence is the most obvious here. In fact, many could mistake this for a lost Prince album! The songs are very well-constructed, groovy and catchy. And his image was very glam and androgynous (as were his lyrics). He seemed to have it all. The first single "In A Mood" appeared on Billboard's Modern Rock chart, but the second single "Say Anything" went mostly unnoticed, despite house mixes from MK. Then Fabulon disappeared, despite his desire to become a revered pop god. Not much has been heard from Macbeth since, though at some point in the last few years he formed an act called Stupid World, whose music can be heard HERE. It's a shame Fabulon never caught on, because he had everything going for him and should have been the star he dreamed of being. It appears that we can only imagine what Volume 2 may have sounded like...

Video for In A Mood

Download All Girls Are Pretty. Volume 1

In A Mood
Say Anything
Stormy Love
Love And Affection
Crazy Little Girl
Softness And Pride
A Walk Through The Desert
Simple Man
Time For Heaven


  1. Your quote about this album sounding like "a lost Prince album" got me really excited, but after downloading it, I must disagree quite strongly. Yes there are a few songs on here that are a bit Prince influenced but to call it a lost Prince album is a bit strong I think. I would say that this is more of a heavily Prince sounding song:


    Also check out this album:


    I could point you to even more artists like D'Angelo, Maxwell, Bilal, DeHolley, Van Hunt.... they're all Prince influenced IMO. But this "Fabulon" album? Nah.

  2. I was indicating Prince's earlier, more upbeat, new wave vibe. I see Maxwell et al as being more influenced by the people that influenced Prince, like Curtis Mayfield, Sly Stone and James Brown. But to each his own opinion. ;) And thanks for the 33hz reference. Love it!

    1. Please upload a new download file