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Monday, January 12, 2009

Stephanie Marano - Symphony Of Love (1995)

Since there seem to be many fans of the genre who visit here, I am featuring a rare album by another, lesser-known freestyle diva, Stephanie Marano. And when I say lesser-known, I mean it, as there is no info on the lady on the internet. The only thing I can find is that she is the sister of Adam Marano, who wrote and produced the album (and I think does the male vocals on it as well). Adam was one of the few producers who kept freestyle alive after it's general demise in the early 1990's. He worked with artists on smaller labels including Metropolitan, which was also April's label, who along with Mic Mac was one of the only labels still releasing freestyle tracks. There was a brief and small resurgence in popularity of the genre in the mid-1990's, especially in Canada. Stephanie fit well into this 'new school' sound, with a serviceable voice over updated 'Planet Rock' beats. The album also included a couple of house tracks for good measure, including a remake of Prince's "I Feel 4 U", made popular by Chaka Khan. Five singles were released off of the album, but all only found limited popularity in freestyle venues. The album is going for $150 or more on the internet, however, so it appears there are some people very eager to get their hands on this. Perhaps if Stephanie had included her image on the album cover (she's a VERY attractive lady) she would have attracted a larger audience. Hopefully freestyle will get it's third wind soon (it seems to be possible with the popularity of these artists on Myspace) and we'll see the likes of Stephanie and her fellow divas grab some of the limelight they missed the first time around. We can only pray!

Download Symphony Of Love

Symphony Of Love
Loverboy / Lovergirl
I Feel 4 U
Secret Garden
I'll Be There 4 U
Edge Of A Broken Heart
Take Me Down
Wait 4 U
I'll Be There 4 U (Remix)
Loverboy / Lovergirl (Miami)
Loverboy / Lovergirl (Tekno)


  1. Ooh thanks! i have been having a freestyle revival lately of my own and I always wondered if she had released a full length album. What was up with Metropolitan always releasing "faceless" album covers? (see Collage 1999 album!)

  2. Thanks again for uploading this. "Secret Garden" is FIERCE! I love the trashy mid-90's freestyle sound on this album!!!!! I have been listening to it ALOT because I remember hearing so many of these songs on freestyle mix tapes back in highschool! I wish the cd wasn't so hard to find :(