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Friday, January 16, 2009

Cherrie Blue - Chemical Messiah (2002)

Here is an artist who has been involved with two of my fave bands ever, Lords Of Acid and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, both raunchy techno-meets-industrial-meets-disco-meets-pop-meets- the-kitchen-sink geniuses. Cherrie Blue is the stage name of Ruth McArdle, who has also used the stage name Lady Galore. Her first taste of fame was as the vocalist on Lords Of Acid's album Voodoo U, as well as on the Voodoo U tour. The group toured with My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (I would have KILLED to see this concert!) and Cherrie defected from the band to join the Kult's female entourage The Bomb Gang Girlz. While with the Kult she collaborated with their mastermind Buzz McCoy, and the result was this album, which was released on the Kult's own label, Sleazebox Records. The music here is very reminiscent of both the Lords and the Kult, with perhaps a more female influence. Danceable house, techno and rock grooves combine to make a very strange and fun musical journey. Obviously this was not made to appeal to a mass audience, which makes it all the better. According to her Myspace site, Cherrie is working on a new album, Shamaness Warrior Princess, with a new producer, and I, for one, can't wait! And expect to see more from the Lords and Kult camps in the future, and check out the work of those two groups. If you like this, you'll like them, and they are an Isle MUST!!!

Video for Psycho Bitch Sister

Download Chemical Messiah

Psycho Bitch Sister
Kultural Thermostat Theory
Mama's Sugar
Psychedelic Professor
Chemical Messiah
Not Like Me
Cyber Sex Man
V.R. Skyways
The Ritual
Reality Distortion


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much for the link. I got to see her open for the Kult in 2002 in Denver. Much love.

  2. please may we have a Re-up of this cd pretty please

  3. I upped a live video of Psychedelic Professor live in Tampa 2002 if you are interested?

  4. bummer just found this and link doesn't work to download. thanks for the video though.

  5. I wish she would have completed / released the Shamanistic Warrior Princess cd. You are welcome for the video I'm getting ready to up the entire concert soon without the nightvision on it. I figured it has been long enough.

  6. Could you reupload the album again?

  7. Hi mate, any chance of grabbing the cd link? (It's dead again).
    Cheers, Chris.

  8. You may be as shocked as I, but the link is dead. Can we go one more time?