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Friday, January 16, 2009

Outloud - Out Loud (1987)

Outloud was a group formed by super-producer and Chic-member Nile Rodgers. After a ton of success in the early and mid 1980's as a pop producer for the likes of Madonna, David Bowie and Duran Duran, Nile decided to form a new group, as Chic had been dormant for some time. He recruited singer/guitarist Felicia Collins and multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Philippe Saisse and formed Outloud. All three members wrote and produced the album and provided vocals and instrumentation. The result was a funky workout with a pop sensibilty, much like Rodgers' work with the aforementioned pop stars. The first and only single "It's Love This Time" failed to attract attention, and apparently their label Warner Bros. considered the album to be too experimental to be bothered promoting it. And though the cover is what made me buy the album in the first place, as it's an awesome image, it makes the group somewhat anonymous, which couldn't have helped. What was planned to be a multi-album act became a one-album wonder. But all three members continued on with great success, Rodgers as a producer and member of a reunited Chic, Collins as a session guitarist and member of David Letterman's house band, and Saisse with solo and session work of his own.

Video for It's Love This Time

Download Out Loud

Out Loud
It's Love This Time
Am I On Your Side
Square Business
Feeling Good
Good Together
Circle Of Love / Music Lover


  1. Hey, thanks so much for posting this! Although I love Chic and Nile's work, I never did manage to get a copy of this one. I agree, the comic book style cover is awesome! I have to admit their combined 1987 sound is a just tad overblown compared to Nile's other work, but still, I do like what I hear so far. Right now, "Camouflage," "Fundamental" and "Good Together" are my faves at the moment. Thanks again for posting this album!

  2. Thanks - been looking for this rarity a long time since I had the cassette but it was stolen! Big Chic fan so a BIG THANKS!

  3. Could you reupload the album?
    I didn't know that Nile Rodgers had his own band in the 80s. Cool album cover.

  4. Could you reupload this one final time. You are the only one with this classic gem on the internet!

  5. Just beautiful, and hard to find...