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Friday, January 23, 2009

Móa - Universal (1999)

Móa (full name Moeidur Juniusdottir) is another artist who no one would have expected to have a massive pop career. Her music is too eclectic. But no doubt her label Tommy Boy noticed the huge following that Bjork had and they snatched up this equally eccentric Icelander in the hopes that they could snatch some of that audience. Móa began her music career focusing on jazz music, releasing a jazz/lounge album locally in Iceland in 1993 entitled 'Syngur Login Vid Vinnuna'. But she also gained a love for electronic and dance music along the way, and in 1994 released an album as half of industrial/techno duo Bong with Eythor Arnalds. They were apparantly quite successful in Iceland, but Móa had other ideas. She wanted to merge the electronics with the jazz, and thus 'Univeral' was born. It was actually originally released in 1997 as 'Cool, As In Hot', but only in limited countries and soon grabbed the attention of Tommy Boy, who released it with some song changes and remixes. But the album was lost in the influx of eclectic electronic music that was being released at the time, and Móa remained relatively unknown. And the album is an acquired taste, despite the production by primarily pop producers (as well as Eythor Arnalds). More than anything, her voice was likely challenging to some. If you know and like Helicopter Girl or Nicolette, then you'll love this. If not, maybe you won't. Whatever the case, Móa's very Uma Thurman-like looks attracted Calvin Klein, who used her in a campaign, and she later went on to form the synth-pop/new wave group Lace.

Video for Joy & Pain

Download Universal

Joy & Pain
Memory Cloud
Can't Forget You
Raining in My Heart
Virtual Affair
Raining in My Heart (Remix)


  1. I haven't pulled this one out in a while, but I really loved this album! I think the first (and only time) I heard about this album was from a review in XY Magazine when it came out. Finally found a copy at an A&B Sound (RIP) discount bin several years back. I'm always astonished at the hidden tresasures you end up uncovering here! Great selection, as usual!

  2. a hidden gem! this album was good, and different. and the single has dance mix by Victor Calderone, which was big room smokin hot

  3. does anyone have anymore releaes by her? singles eps remix etc im a huge fan.. i have the ck one sampler and the memory cloud single w remixes if anyone wants it just email what caldeorone mix?

  4. i would love to have anything from this singer also i use to have the cd but it got lost so can u please reup the link and if i can get to it i think i have the cd single for joy and pain would love to have the cd single for memory cloud

  5. I too noticed that the link is dead.

  6. Hi! I know it's been a while but could you reupload the album? I lost it :(

    Thanks in advance!