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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Blaise Pascal - Hairspray (2000)

You could say that Blaise Pascal came and went in a 'blaise' of glory. Hailing from Toronto, her songwriting got some notice. In 1996 she won the Annual National Songwriting Competition and came in second in the John Lennon Songwriting Competition, for which she won $30,000 from FACTOR (Foundation to Support Canadian Talent on Records) to make her debut album (the grants for the arts are one of the things that makes Canada great, IMO). She chose not to shop the album around and instead released the album on an independent label. This was likely her downfall. Though she had some publicity for the album, she would have had much more with a major label. When you have a low profile in Canada, especially as a Canadian musician, you know you're in trouble. The album came and went with some critical accolades and not much else. It is a pleasant enough pop rock album, reminiscent of singers like Lisa Loeb or Nina Gordon or even previous postee Stella Soleil. I have no idea what she's up to lately, mainly because her name is the same as the famous French mathemetician, physicist and religious philosopher. A name change is highly recommended...

Download Hairspray

Only Way
10 Feet High
Angel Baby
God Bless America
22 Years
Order Me
Walk In Chinatown


  1. I hear, through her father who I am acquainted with, that Blaise turned to religion and now works with her husband doing ministry in a church.

    Toronto, Canada

  2. Yup, she helped to start up a church. According to this website, she felt "God was calling her to do something new and entirely unexpected".

    Great album by the way! Very catchy! :3

  3. And also, when I was doing some very random Googling, I found an interesting article on her!

    One thing that popped out at me the most from that is that she was initially a dancer, but after a severe car accident, she discovered her penchant for singing and songwriting. :)

  4. I am her husbands father...Blaise and Matt are doing fine and raising their children in the north part of Toronto. They volunteer with a church helping others and seem to be very happy.

  5. Replies
    1. Can you re-upload it one more time?

  6. I was fortunate enough to hear Blaise sing this morning at the Markham Prayer Breakfast. She has a wonderful voice and uses her musical talent to worship. What an inspiration she was to all.