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Friday, February 27, 2009

Degrees Of Motion - Degrees Of Motion (1992)

Degrees Of Motion was an act that was pretty much enshrouded in mystery. They burst on the scene in 1991 with the house stomper "Do You Want It Right Now", a song originally recorded by Siedah Garrett (and also covered by Taylor Dayne on her debut album). The song just dented the Billboard Hot 100, but it was a smash hit in the UK. This was followed up with "Shine On", which became a top 40 dance hit in the US. The third single, "Soul Freedom", would become their biggest US success, making the top 10 on the US dance chart. But it was never certain whether Degrees Of Motion was a group or just a collective of vocalists used by producer Richie Jones, the mastermind behind the project. Though they had some success, nothing was written about them. The face of the group was undoubtedly Biti, who sang lead on most of the album and their 'hits', but the rest of the songs on the album were performed by three other vocalists: Mariposa (who does a version of another Taylor Dayne track, "Up All Night"), Balle Legend and Kit West. They also all appear in the videos and on the back of the album cover. Virtually nothing was or is known about these performers. The mystery surrounding the act didn't help their public profile, and this album was their first and last. Only one other song, "Celebrate", was released under the name. But "Do You Want It Right Now" is considered a club classic and has been remixed and rereleased many times over the years, as has "Shine On", so the Degrees Of Motion name still lingers in the public consciousness.

Video for Do You Want It Right Now

Video for Shine On

Download Degrees Of Motion

Do You Want It Right Now
Shine On
Soul Freedom
So In Like With You
Feel The Funkiness
One Strike
Live It Up
360 Degrees
Up All Night
Do You Want It Right Now (King Street Mix)


  1. Shine On was written by Expose's Ann Curless and it is rumoured Expose are recording it as a new - yes NEW - single!

  2. Hi please could you link again to this album?