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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pam Russo - A Girl Like Me (1989)

The first time I heard of Pam Russo was when I saw her song "It Works For Me" listed in the top ten in a dance chart magazine. In those days I bought nearly every 12" single by a female artist in those charts, and this was no exception. The song was an excellent freestyle-pop number that I greatly enjoyed, but I thought that was it for her. I only recently discovered that she released an album, and a very generous Isle devotee was kind enough to send me the mp3s. Thanks a ton again!! The album is total dance-pop of the late '80s, with freestyle, house and R&B touches aplenty. Further research reveals that "It Works For Me" reached the top 40 on the Billboard Dance Charts, and an earlier single from 1987, "You Can't Take My Love", almost made it into that chart's top ten. She released two more tracks from this album, "Hold Tight" and "Love Is The Way To My Heart", but neither charted, and nothing has been heard from her since. And that's about all I know, though a Youtube entry indicates that she sang on the demo for the Cover Girls' first hit, "Show Me". And she has a Myspace page, but it appears inactive. If anyone out there has any idea what a girl like Pam is up to now, please let us know and we'll be forever in your debt.

Download A Girl Like Me

Love Is The Way To My Heart
I Want You For My Own
Hold Tight
I'll Be There
All For You
It Works For Me
Might As Well Forget
Two Lovers
I Can't Let You Go
A Girl Like Me


  1. Hi,
    her are the links from saltyka,enjoy!


    Color InYourLife(1986)

    Spring Session M (1982)

    Rhyme& Reason (1984)

    Lost tracks

  2. Pam lives in PA now with her 2 kids, still living her dream. She continues to sing in a local band and sounds better than most the crap you hear on the radio. Of course, I may be biased. :)