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Friday, July 17, 2009

Bingoboys - The Best Of Bingoboys (1991) & Color Of Music (1994) DOUBLE POST!!

The title of the Bingoboys debut album is misleading, because they had not released any material prior in order to have a "Best Of". But their debut single, "How To Dance" was indeed a hit, reaching number one on the Billboard Dance charts and other charts across the world. The Bingoboys consisted on three DJs from Austria: Klaus Biedermann, Paul Pfab, and Helmut Wolfgruber. They obviously had a taste for hip-house music, and over their danceable beats they enlisted the voice of American rapper Princessa aka Jennece Moore. "How To Dance" combined her raps with house beats and extensive samples, from other songs as well as soundbites from instructional recordings. The rest of the album follows suit, though Princessa is occasionally replaced by other vocalists like Two Deadly Elements, Papa Linley, and Melissa Bell, who sings on a reimagining of Gino Soccio's disco classic "Dancer". The most notable vocalist is Arnold Jarvis, who sings on a remake of the SOS Band's "Borrowed Love," which also features Princessa. It was also released as a single and even dented the Billboard Pop top 100. This wasn't success enough for their label Atlantic, however, and they were dropped after releasing a third unsuccessful single, "No Woman No Cry", which owes more to Salt 'N' Pepa's "Push It" than the Bob Marley song of the same name. They did manage to record and release another album on WEA in Europe in 1994, however, entitled Color Of Music. Princessa was replaced with singer Vivian Sessoms. But the album and it's singles - "Ten More Minutes", "No Communicaton" and "Sugar Daddy" - made little impact and they officially split soon after. All three men have remained active in the music scene, but nothing has been heard from Princessa again. Pity.

Video for How To Dance

Video for Borrowed Love

Download The Best Of Bingoboys

1 How To Dance
2 Get Up
3 Borrowed Love
4 Welcome To The Love Connection
5 No Woman No Cry
6 The Dancer
7 Bla Bla
8 Adventures In Funk Space
9 Set The Mood

10 Hey D.J.

Video for Ten More Minutes

Alternate video for Ten More Minutes

Download Color Of Music

1 Ten More Minutes
2 Sugar Daddy
3 No Communication
4 That Girl
5 Knock Knock
6 Gimme Love
7 Peace Of Mind
8 Color Of Music
9 Logical
10 Get It Together
11 Magic Number
12 Discard After


  1. Hey Nasty G, still loving all the albums you've been putting up, keep up the great work :)

    Been doing a little digging and Princessa is around still. She was also known as Jazzi P, did a rap on a Top 10 Kylie single here in the UK. Here's what she's doing now anyway :)

  2. As usual, you're awesome. Though I question most Wikipedia entries...she doesn't mention anything about her work as Princessa on her starnow profile, though the two DO look and sound alike (I have Jazzi P's "Feel The Rhythm" and her song with Kylie. ;) But I'll update the post. Thanks again!

  3. Princesa is also in the fun and quirky Edelweiss song, "I Can't Get No Edelweiss."

  4. Link is dead ... re-up please ;) Thanks !

  5. Hola! el link de este disco esta roto. Por favor, súbelo otra vez. Gracias.

    Bingoboys - The Best Of Bingoboys (1991) teh is broken. :(