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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Carol Medina - Secret Fantasy (1995)

Today I was fortunate enough to find this gem in my inbox on Discogs. A member saw it on my wanted list on here and very generously ripped it and sent it to me. Thank you again so much, eurodanceboy1, and I hope you won't mind if I share it on the Isle, as Ms. Medina fits the bill perfectly. Originally from Australia, a teenage Carol moved to Canada with her parents in the early 1980s. She got a job acting and singing at amusement park Canada's Wonderland and from there became a part of a USO troupe that toured Asia. There she met singer/songwriter James Collins and they began writing songs together, which led to her first independent single, "The Tears I Cry", in 1989, and then "So Good For You" in 1990. This led to a recording contract with Quality Records, and Carol reemerged in 1993 with the song "And The Song Goes". It got quite a bit of radio play and she made several television and club appearances. The momentum from this single made her subsequent releases, including "Tell Me You Love Me", "I Had A Dream" and "You Don't Know (Where My Lips Have Been)," hits in Canada as well. Most were remixed to fit the eurohouse sound booming in Canada's danceclubs at the time. But despite local success and award nominations, her popularity didn't spread beyond Canada, and the album went mostly unnoticed. It was produced by a host of Canadian dance music producers, who worked on other albums on the Isle by Manee, Jazmin, Debbie Johnson, Oval Emotion, Boyz N Girlz United, Monik Garo and Kim Esty. So if you like those albums, you'll like this.  While remaining in Toronto, she has continued to release songs sporadically since, including remakes of Shannon's "Let The Music Play" and the Wonder Woman TV show theme, as well as "One Day Of Kisses," "Are You Tempting Me?", "I'll Just Say Goodnight," "It Hurts Like Hell," "Johnny D," her ode to Johnny Depp, and most recently "Are You Messin' Around" in 2013.

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Video for And The Song Goes (Doo Dit)

Video for You Don't Know (Where My Lips Have Been)

Video for I Had A Dream

Download Secret Fantasy

Secret Fantasy
Tell Me You Love Me (Ambient Mix)
And The Song Goes (Doo Dit)
I Had A Dream
Wait 'Til My Heart Finds Out
Love Me Just Enough
You Never Done It Like That
Sooner Or Later Medley
Story Story
Love Is On The Way
You Don't Know (Where My Lips Have Been)
I Had A Dream (L.A. Cool Mix)
Tell Me You Love Me (Riprock 'n' Dash Mix)
Secret Fantasy (Original NRG Mix)


  1. James Collins? As in the one that did "Cyndi Lauper Said No"?

    If so, how random!

  2. Yes, that very same James Collins!! I guess they both lived in Canada so it's not that unlikely...

  3. omg, "secret fantasy", great 1990's eurodance song. we all miss the great 1990's

  4. Hi, Would u reupload the Carol Medina - Secret Fantasy album? I'd really appreciate it.

  5. many gr8 songs off a rare album , gr8 voice and doesn't hurt that's she's beautiful.looks a bit like sexy carol's gr8 music after dancing and before sleeping.seductive and sensual.