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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Trinity Hi-Fi - Fuego (2000)

There is perhaps no band more enshrouded in mystery on this blog than Trinity Hi-Fi. My research has led me to many dead ends. The fact that the CD includes no artist images and few credits certainly doesn't help. But I have managed to find out a few details. First, the act is apparently from the UK. They were signed to alt label TVT Records. A songwriter (and vocalist) credited as 'Kay Dee Kay' is really Kathryn Dion King. In the early 1990s she recorded a couple house tracks ("You Send Me" and a remake of Dead Or Alive's "You Spin Me Round"), and was featured on rave favourite "Brothers & Sisters" by 2 Funky 2. The rest of the people involved in Trinity Hi-Fi were mostly involved in those tracks and seem to be part of a collective called Airdog Funk Research Laboratory, which was part of their original label, Airdog Records. One member, Jon Davies, also released music under aliases such as Ill Disco. Trinity Hi-Fi released one single, "Turn The Lights Down", which was a minor club hit. And that's about all I could find out. I can get no real indication of what any of these people are up to now. But I suppose what matters most is the music itself. And it is very nice, I must say. There are elements of so many kinds of music: electro, drum 'n bass, trip hop and straight up pop. The pop aspect is further solidified by the quiet, sweet voice of 'Kay Dee Kay'. I have no doubt that this is a gem most of you will love.

UPDATE:  Received a message from Kay Dee Kay herself!  Thanks for visiting, girl!

"Oh my God, this is so funny I feel the need to say hello, I am Kathryn Dion-King aka Kay Dee Kay aka Trinity Hi Fi thank you for appreciating my work your detective work is impressive. KDK xxxxxxxx"

Download Fuego

Lazy Afternoon
Hey Joe
Turn The Lights Down
Never Gonna Let U Go
So Glad
TV Dinner For One
Lost You
Take It Slow
If Only
Certainly Not
It's Not You


  1. Cool! Never heard of this project, but really enjoyed the ambient, trip-hop vibe. Thanks for posting!

  2. Cool sounds goin on like it....

  3. Kathryn Dion-KingJuly 30, 2010 at 5:12 PM

    Oh my God, this is so funny I feel the need to say hello, I am Kathryn Dion-King aka Kay Dee Kay aka Trinity Hi Fi thank you for appreciating my work your tetective work is impressive
    KDK xxxxxxxx

    1. Hi there, I was curious to find out who the female vocal was on brothers and sister as someone who I know said it was her and I dont believe her for one minute. Where about are you based? been trying to find a photo of you but I cant seem to find one anywhere!!! Love your voice, its amazing xxxx

  4. oh how funny, just need to say hello and thanks for your appreciation from Kathryn Dion-King aka kay dee kay aka trinity hi fi aka 2Funky2 amongst others xxxxxxxxxx

  5. Awesome! Thanks so much for visiting and digging this! Love the album. Perhaps you could let us know what you're up to now? Much love. :)

  6. I bought an mp3 player from best buy when I was in highschool and this cd was on it -- I really liked it. Its been about 10 years and I still enjoy it. You should do another cd kay dee kay!

  7. Love it love it love it :)

  8. Yes u found me out. Trinity hi fi & brothers and sisters 2 funky 2, all from me, Kathryn Dion King in Liverpool England :)

  9. Just to confirm, trinity hi fi Kay Dee Kay & 2 funky 2 brothers & sisters are one and the same, Kathryn Dion King from Liverpool England

  10. The link is now dead.

  11. Any chance of a re-upload? :)