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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fan Club - Sensation (1988) & Respect The Beat (1990) DOUBLE POST!!

Ccsuperchris, your wish is my command! LOL Thanks to your request, here is Fan Club. I had Respect The Beat on cassette and used to listen to it quite a bit. I haven't heard most of these songs since it came out, and I must say that it's aged well. And thanks to Adriana for sharing their rarer first album, Sensation!! In North America, Fan Club were a flash in the pan, and I never really knew anything about them until recently, when looking for info on them for another website. They formed in New Zealand in the late 1980s. The boys in the band were looking for a lead singer and they happened upon Aishah, a Malaysian studying abroad. Her looks and voice were a perfect fit for their pop sound. They soon released an album, Sensation, in 1988 (as The Fan Club). It was produced by locals and became a big hit in New Zealand and Malaysia, and spawned three top 20 singles there: "Sensation", "Paradise" and "Call Me", a remake of the Spagna classic. They released their second album, Respect The Beat, two years later, and it was also a hit, spawning three more hit singles: "I Feel Love", "Never Gave Up On You" and "Don't Let Me Fall Alone".  Their success drew the attention of Epic Records in North America. Their sound was very of the moment, similar to dance pop songs hitting there by the likes of Paula Abdul. It was also produced by hot pop producer of the moment, Mark Berry (likely best known on the Isle for working with Alisha), and was much more dance oriented. Epic quickly issued "Don't Let Me Fall Alone" as the first single, and it was a dance hit and even managed to make it into the Billboard Hot 100, at #99. (Incidentally, Maria Christensen also recorded this song for her solo album, also featured on the Isle. ;) However, the other two songs from the album that were released to great success in New Zealand were ignored when released in North America, as was one last single, "Colour Me Blue". Though the group won the International Top Performer award at the NZ Music Awards, they disintegrated soon after their failure abroad. One member, Paul Moss, would end up going on to greater fame as a judge in two popular Malaysian talent contests, Malaysian Idol and One In A Million. Aishah also maintained (and still maintains) a very successful career in Malaysia, singing in her native language, Malay.

Video for Sensation

Video for Paradise

Performance of Call Me

Download Sensation

1 Sensation
2 Paradise
3 Call Me
4 No-One's Taking The Place Of You
5 You Gave It All Away
6 W.G.A.F.
7 Don't Do It
8 Right Now
9 Be With You

Video for Don't Let Me Fall Alone

Video for Never Gave Up On You

Video for I Feel Love

Alternate Video for I Feel Love

Download Respect The Beat

I Feel Love

Don't Let Me Fall Alone

Never Gave Up On You

Back On Track

I Need You

That's The Way Love Is

Don't Mess With Me

There For You

Color Me Blue

I Don't Need A Lover


  1. Wow! Nasty G, you're the best! Such a pleasure to see this when coming onto your site. Thanks so much for uploading this and so quickly too! Chris.

  2. Thank you very much! Well, does anyone have the SENSATION album too? It was on kedaimp3 once but I missed it. :-(

  3. can you reupload this record too ! love dance pop music especially 80s and 90s ! Great site :D

    1. Thank you ! much appreciate it . keep up the good work !

  4. Nice Nasty g, am simon from malaysia...cud u possibly upload the album Respect d beat & Sensation again.Thanks in advanced.

    1. Respect The Beat has been reupped. I don't have Sensation, unfortunately....

  5. Thanks Nasty G.Ur d man."Terima Kasih Banyak Banyak' ( Means 'Thanks a lot'
    in Malay). Keep up the gud work!Cheers!

  6. thank's(terima = take , kasih = precious ) alot(banyak) . in indonesia's language .... one of sumatra' island languages ...

  7. and i do hope u have a quality version of this

  8. hai Nasty....Respect The Beat, plz give me a new link...

  9. I love them but Don't Let Me Fall Alone was nowhere near the biggest selling single of all time in New Zealand. It only peaked at #28 and was in the chart a few weeks...

  10. Don't Let Me Fall Alone never ended up being the biggest selling single of all time in New Zealand. It only peaked at #28. Great song though.