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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sara Lee - Make It Beautiful (2000)

Sara Lee had been around for a long time in the music scene before she finally released her sole solo album. Though involved in music from a young age in her native Britain, she took a job as a secretary for Polydor Records while also honing her bass playing skills. She was discovered at Polydor by Robert Fripp, who asked her to join his experimental band The League Of Gentlemen in 1980. After one album with the group, Sara was asked to replace Dave Allen in popular post-punk band Gang Of Four. But after only one album with that group, she decided to leave and continued working as a session and live musician for acts like the Indigo Girls, the Thompson Twins and, most notably, the B52's, with whom she appeared in the "Love Shack" video. She eventually hooked up with riot grrl Ani Difranco in 1996 and toured with her as well. This led to Ani signing Sara to her Righteous Babe label, on which she released her album. The album failed to make an impact, though it contains pleasant, trippy pop songs. Vocally Sara isn't the strongest, but the music is very tight and funky. Undeterred, she's continued on as a session and live musician, for acts like Fiona Apple, Joan Osborne and Difranco. She is also rumoured to have (or have had) a relationship with a possible future Isle addition, Gail Ann Dorsey, who is best known as David Bowie's longtime bassist, which is a match made in bass heaven...

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Make It Beautiful



My Way

I'll Wait For You


Hood Over Hood

Thin Ice

Come Round

All Cried Out