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Friday, October 2, 2009

Simply Majestic - The Album: We United To Do Dis (1991)

This album by Canadian Simply Majestic is more of a compilation than an actual artist album. It indicates on the cover that Simply Majestic (who is one man, Anthony Bond) is 'introducing' these acts. He also had a hand in most of the songs, mostly in writing, production and mixing. But the tracks are credited to a variety of mostly Canadian artists and producers, namely Brothers From The Ghetto, Frank Morell, Porsha-Lee, B-Kool, MC A-Okay, Point Blank, The Boys Of The Greenhouse, The Forbidden Ones and The Russian Prince. Where these acts came from and where they went after this is anyone's guess. There is also vocal assistance from minor house divas Gillian Mendez and Alisha Warren. As a collective they made a very danceable hip-house album. It is comparable to music by contempories like C&C Music Factory and Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch (and better and more varied, IMO). The first single and video was for "Dance To The Music", which featured rapper B-Kool. The video got a lot of play on Muchmusic. The next single and video was for the much poppier (and best song on the album IMO) "Destiny", featuring the lovely-ish Porsha-Lee, with a rap from B-Kool. This is the track that most Isle fans will be particularly fond of. This video also got quite a bit of play on Muchmusic, and the song got significant radio airplay. But even though the album was released on a major label, Capitol, it appears there was no real push for it outside of Canada. Everyone involved in the project soon disappeared back into obscurity. Simply Majestic did release a couple more singles a couple of years later ("DJs Put This In The Mix" and "Let The Rhythm Take Control"), and some of the other contributors like Frank Morell and B-Kool released an indie single or two, but for the most part everyone's musical high point was this album. It is likely that many of these people are still active in dance and hip hop music in Canada, but likely behind the scenes and using their real names. Whatever the case, enjoy a dance workout that's Simply Majestic!

Video for Dance To The Music

Video for Play The Music DJ

Video for Destiny

Download The Album: We United To Do Dis

1 Play The Music DJ
2 Not The Way
3 New Generation
4 Destiny
5 We Can Make It Now
6 Tension
7 DJ's No Alternative (DJ's Go Wild)
8 Dance To The Music
9 Move The Groove
10 Smile
11 Somebody In The House Say Ya
12 Keep On Dancing
13 Kool And Deadly


  1. Oldies but g9Odies !
    Thanks :-D

  2. For your information - B.Kool changed his name to Carlito nd he continued to put out amazing hip hop songs - he released an album in 1994 that produced 4 top 10 hits - for weeks Carlito had 3 songs in the top 10

  3. I had the biggest crush on frank morell and used to go to all their appearances. LOL to be 16 again. I'd love to know where they all are now. somewhere in my basement is a dusty cassette, signed by many of them.

  4. I was hoping that someone could help me here, I absolutely love the "Play the music DJ" by Brothers from the Ghetto. I used to watch this video as many times as I could on Muchmusic when I was a kid and couldn't get enough of it and still can't. Does anyone know where I could see the video for that song, I have trolled the internet for years looking for this video with no success so far. If anyone knows were to view it could you let me know here please, that would be awesome, thanks.

    1. I too have been looking for a great many years for the "Play the music DJ" video without any success. I know that this reply is years later and I'm not sure if this helps anyone so late in reply, however, I just found the video on Youtube put up just a few weeks ago, just type the name of the song and watch the video. There are also a few other videos up now from this album, so go check it out and enjoy...I sure did! Hope this helps anyone who loves this video and has not seen it in many, many years.

  5. man that's awesome, remembered some of the songs from waaaay back, haven't heard them in two decades... but they still buzz through my head, couldn't remember the artists or anything until I found your blog. Now it's all come rushing back...