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Friday, November 20, 2009

Candyflip - Madstock... (1990)

Candyflip, which consisted of Brits Danny Spencer and Ric Peet, is yet another group that had a huge hit but couldn't maintain the momentum, mostly because that hit was a remake of a very popular song and it was not particularly exemplary of their sound. Originally known as Yin Yang, they came out of the ravey acid-house and 'Madchester' scenes that spawned more renowned groups like Happy Mondays, The Stone Roses and The Soup Dragons. Their name was slang for mixing the drugs LCD and Ecstasy, so they were definitely into the scene. Though they had a bit of the Madchester sound, their sound was much more like synth-dance groups like The Beloved and The Pet Shop Boys. Their version of the Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" became a huge hit in the UK, and got attention overseas as well, where it was a big hit on the Modern Rock and dance charts. This was likely due to the song's familiarity, and it's lyrics and psychedelia were fitting for the druggy rave scene. But their other singles "Space", "This Can Be Real", "Love Is Life" and "Redhills Road" failed to reach those heights. They still managed to keep a fairly high profile in the UK thanks to the popularity of the rave scene, but they only managed one more non-album single in 1991, "Keep The Faith", before they called it quits. Of course their careers didn't end there. Danny Spencer went on to record in many different dance oriented groups, the most successful being Sure Is Pure, who did many well-regarded remixes, and Soul Mekanik, who produced several tracks on Robbie Williams' (underrated, IMO) Rudebox album. Ric Peet continued on as a producer, with his greatest success being producing Brit sensations The Charlatans. It's unlikely the two will join forces as Candyflip again, however, mostly because there is another group from the US that now goes by that moniker.

Video for Strawberry Fields Forever

Video for This Can Be Real

Video for Space

Video for Redhills Road

Download Madstock...

Love Is Life
Strawberry Fields Forever
This Can Be Real
Redhills Road
See The Lights
Ask Why
Strawberry Fields Forever (Raspberry Ripple Remix)
Space (Funny Mix)


  1. Thanks, more please !! =D

  2. I had this in highschool. Thanks for this.

  3. Love this version.I remember it so well.Sorry for the loss of your partner.May they rest in peace,